My dash is entirely Sherlock

With a smattering of Doctor Who. 

I appear to be conversing with my friends almost entirely in Sherlock quotes.

I may have ran at the magazine aisle squealing when I saw the Radio Times had Cumberlord and Freeman’s face on it.

Mum: “hmm do we need Jam?”
Me: “YES I NEED JAM FOR SHERLOCK … oooh cookies” 

The combination of new Sherlock and lawts of revision I have to do is rapidly making me go a little more crazy than usual.  

Send help. Send jumpers. Or even better … Jampers. JUMPERS MADE OF JAM.



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This is Halloween! 🎃

"Boys and girls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange?
Come with us and you will see
This, our town of Halloween…”
Lalala 🎶

Hello everybody!
Halloween is coming!
Do you like this festivity?
I find it very interesting but Halloween is not a typical festivity of my country ( Italy ).
My favorite cartoon to see at halloween is The nightmare before Christmas by Tim Burton ( Did you watch it? If not you must watch it because it’s fantastic! )
This year for halloween I am going to Lucca, at the Lucca Comics & Games, and for the night of the 31th of October I am going to be a witch, like Hermione Granger ( I am a fan of Harry Potter). This cosplay is very easy to do, because I need a :
Black skirt
Black shoes
Black jamper
( totally black! )
Black Witch’s Hat
White shirt
Scarf ( Gryffindor’s color)

Book of Magic

I’ll post a photo 📷

How do you spend your Halloween?
See you soon,
I hope you enjoyed this article! 👍
Bye for now!
xoxo 💋