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Jamie P’s 1300BHP supra fly by! what a machine!!!

JAMIE PEARCE looks a lot like TYLER HOECHLIN is 23 years old, and he is a BOUNCER/PROSTITUTE at the club. This role is currently OPEN

I don’t mind letting you down easy, but just give it time. If it don’t hurt now then just wait, just wait a while.

Jamie Pearce was always destined for great things. Not because he exceptionally gifted but because of his family. The Pearce’s were a well-known name throughout the nation. With a line of doctors, politicians, lawyers, and even yes even a noble peace prize winner in their family. It was almost a fact that if you were born a Pearce that your life was guaranteed to be better and more lavished than even Hollywood’s biggest stars. And while the older generation of Pearce’s took the success and wealth of their family as an honor, the younger generation treated it as if it were something they earned by just being born. Well most of the younger generation, Jaime had always felt as if his last name were a deep burden, especially since he was the eldest son. It wasn’t enough that he had big shoes to fill, but he also had to set an example for his younger siblings. The pressure was often too much for Jamie to wrap his mind around and sometimes he wished he could find a way out.

You’re not the big fish in the pond no more. You are what they’re feeding on. So what are you gonna do when the world don’t orbit around you?

Being a Pearce had its perks, like the fact Jamie never in his life had to try and ever make any friends. It was something he was grateful for when he was younger. Friends and people who liked you were always something that you wanted as a little kid. Especially a kid like Jamie who had always naturally liked any sort of attention that he could get. But the older he became the more the boy realized that not all the people he called friends actually cared for him. In fact he was sure some of them were always secretly hoping for him to fail, and yet he was never strong enough to cut ties with them. It had been burned into his mind since he was younger that you were never to burn bridges because you never knew which ones you need to cross to get to the top. Even his own parents told him that it didn’t matter if his friends liked him as long as they would do anything he said. Words that eventually would lead to Jamie’s downfall. Like most attractive males who were made of money, high school is where Jamie thrived.

The summer before his freshman year Jamie made a promise to himself. It was a simple promise really, to hurt others before they could hurt him. It was obvious that since he could never make his so called friends love him, he’d make them fear him instead. Something that Jamie found himself being able to do easily. No one wanted to cross or disobey someone of his status and before he knew it Jamie was ruler of his school. But being ruler was boring if you had no challenge, that’s when the Garland twins walked into his life. Everyone in school knew their family history, if there were people other than Jamie to not piss off it was them. Which only made them intrigue him more so Jamie set his sights to the kinder Garland twin, Ana. Making a bet with his friends he could make her fall for and sleep with him. A fret that Jamie accomplished for a price. A price that made him lose the only girl who seemed to not care about his name, his looks, or his money. And a price that bound Jamie to Hypnotic for the rest of his life.


Ryan Bailey; the enemy –The guy always has something sarcastic and rude to say to him and the two can often be found bickering back and forth like children. Usually one of them always walks away before things get physical, but Jamie wouldn’t be surprised if it happened soon. But the one thing that annoys him most is the fact Ryan never lets him get close enough to Ana to talk to her. He just wants to say sorry is that a crime?

Danielle Roberts; the neighbor – Jamie met Dani she and her daughter moved in next to him at his apartment complex. The two instantly disliked each other their personalities clashing on the stop but Jaime had always been good with kids and her daughter took a liking to him almost as quickly as her mother took a dislike to him. So sometimes on occasion he baby sits the girl for Danielle when she cant find a baby sitter.

Nevaeh Perry; the friend – The two aren’t the closest of friends, but they can often be seen hanging around one another with some sort of playful banter. Jamie usually tries his best not to befriend many of Mickey’s people, because if push came to shove and they had to pick between their friendship or loyalty most of them would pick the later. But Nev tough no bullshit attitude remind him of his younger sister whom he misses. 

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Jamie P’s red widebody supra (as mentioned bfore) doing some serious burnouts fresh out of the body shop that day at Turbofit & Knightracer!!

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For Taze -

Screw your crappy bike, 0-190mph in 14seconds and the noise is a million times better… Also, that car now has 1100bhp so its even more mentalist!


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Can jamie p. just make better please. Don’t mind the noises in the background or me yelling. I was excited because I did it! #colorguard #twoturn #jamiep #sabre

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Up writing trying to get better I can’t sing but I be trying lol #forthemoney #stripclubshit #drivingmyneighborscrazy #patronkushandbeats #fwm #jamiep