That was so quick! I just started Tumblr, and I’m such a rookie still. But thank you! \(^o^)/

So, I have something new for you…

You know that Konomi-sensei released a CD in 2009 called Tenipuri tte II na… right? (This is it on Amazon JP) That was his first CD (yes, there have been more >.>), and I helped with the lyrics and even went to the recording! It wasreally neat.. my first time in a recording studio!

In the CD, there is a really short, really gay manga called “Kaipan no Oujisama.” (Prince of Swim Trunks)

It’s really funny, but anyways, Konomi-sensei asked me to design the swim trunks for everyone, and I decided on a team-theme for everyone, and made the above picture as a guide for all of the assistants to use. It was great. He especially liked Kintaro’s. ;)

Oh, the characters in fundoushi and speedos? Konomi-sensei gets all of the credit for that one. I had nothing to do with it. XD;;

By the way, he knows that most of his fans are fujoushi. That’s why he puts so many gay jokes in. XD

we need to go to japan
  • me:https://twitter.com/jamieism
  • me:look at her pizza story
  • me:so cool
  • a:oh wow
  • a:lol
  • a:!!
  • a:interactive pizza O_O
  • me:interactive app with pizza box more like
  • a:i want one
  • me:.....
  • me:me too ._.
  • me:we need to go to japan
  • a:;_:
  • me:and go to maid cafes
  • me:and host clubs
  • me:LOL
  • me:minus the host clubs, cuz we got no money for that
  • me:LOL
  • me:OMGGG
  • me:AKIHABARA!!!!!
  • me:OMG
  • a:my friend went there
  • a:she was telling me about her trip the other day
  • a:said that its expensive there
  • a:especially harajuku
  • me:oh yeah
  • me:i wanna go to harajuku too
  • me:and roppongi, even though we probably can't afford anything there
  • me:i wanna go to the shrines!!
  • me:and onsens!! especially the one in hokkaido
  • me:i have like an agenda, saved links for travel spots
  • a:T_T
  • a:let's do it!
  • me:YEAH
  • me:ONE DAY
  • me:LOL

It’s scary, I have to admit it. Nothing is safe, nothing is sane. If I don’t make enough to live, then I’ll be kicked out of the room that I’m renting, and then what will happen?

But.. I’ve decided to take a huge gamble! It’s now or never, and I am really tired and stressed-out from waiting for so long for the stars to align (basically for me to win the lottery, lol). Forget that! I’ll make my own destiny!

I’m going to start up my manga production company! What does that mean? That means that I’ll make it my full-time job to draw manga and put it out, and hope really strongly that I don’t crash-and-burn! After my own manga, I will grow to hopefully put out manga by other people, and amazing light novels, and all sorts of fun goods. I’m getting an agent, too, who will help me book conventions to come and speak and meet everyone and spread knowledge about making manga, and living in Japan.

But, right now, what I need is money! I don’t want to ask for donations or anything; I want to work for it, my very hardest!! (Although, I honestly won’t refuse it if you want to invest in a startup. You can send me donations through Paypal to hinoai@hotmail.com if you’re a giver.) I really want to give people something awesome in return for their money, though! This means that I’m going to open back up commissions! I’m only taking a limited number (enough to earn what I calculated that I need to survive for now), so this is your chance! It’s maybe the only chance that you’ll get for a while to get a custom little portrait from me, so I highly encourage that you take advantage as soon as you can!

You can order them from my Etsy shop NOW, for a limited-time: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JamieismPro

Compassion, Connection - Confession #1000Speak

@SerinsSphere @jamieism @TJLubrano a bit of artwork I did today, for @TraumaRecoveryU: pic.twitter.com/r7sqhGgl5H

— The Luminous J (@jaklumen) May 19, 2015

Human beings are social creatures. When we connect we achieve much more than when we are alone.  We build roads, bridges, buildings, towns,…

In days passed,children used to be raised in a family with each one pitching in to help out. We…

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