IV - The Emperor
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The Light Visions Tarot Deck is based on the traditional tarot. Split into two parts this first part contains the 22 Major Arcana cards in the full 78 card deck. These cards are the base cards of the classic tarot deck and represent core archetypes of human nature. The Light Visions Tarot Deck is designed as a functional tarot deck and can be used in tarot readings when coupled with the second half of the deck, with an anticipated release of Autumn 2013.

Within this portion of the deck there are the 22 Major Arcana cards, a 23rd “mystery” card and two additional information cards that briefly tell the story of the fool and his journey through the world. There is a total of 25 cards. The Major Arcana deck comes in a hand stamped high quality cotton muslin bag with an accompanying kraft tag. Each tag is signed and numbered in a first edition of 100. The cards have identical backs, are approximately 2 7/8” x 4 3/4” and have a UV coating which allows them to be durable and remain in the best condition. The cards can be used as functional tarot cards or can be creatively displayed - each card is illustrated with great care and detail and can stand alone as it’s own piece of art. They also double as great bookmarks.

A note to the collectors who plan on purchasing a full deck: Buying the deck in separate parts will not end up costing more than buying the entire deck when it is released. In fact, the mystery cards and hand stamped bag will only come with the deck if the major arcana is purchased before the minor arcana. There will be the option to buy only the Minor Arcana when it is released, which will include the remaining 56 cards and a box large enough to fit all 78 cards from your two purchases.

Available at www.jamesreadsmerch.com

It boggles my mind that this is a digital illustration (even though it’s obvious). I guess coming from a fine arts background, I’ve always been much more comfortable with hand-drawing illustrations and working out colors and what-nots on paper instead of on the screen, thus really using the latter only for clean-up and layout. That said, the ephemeral hand-drawn quality coupled with digital precision is so exquisite here, that I’m pretty much sold. 

Check out more of James R Eads’ work on his Tumblr


I am very happy to announce the release of “Scenes from Saturday Afternoon” the gig poster for Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros’ show in Buffalo, NY at Erie Canal Harbor. I was so excited when I was asked to illustrate this poster for such a monumental band that I had to make something grand and magical - it is loosely inspired by Seurat’s “Sunday Afternoon” and I’m extremely satisfied with how it turned out. “Scenes from Saturday Afternoon” is a three color screenprinted poster on speckletone starch mint with a limited edition of 155. 40 are available online at www.jamesreadsmerch.com - be sure to grab yours now!

III - The Empress
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When I awoke things seemed fantastically new
a bird mocking frog, indeed, what a peculiar view

This dream like land is littered with blues
a paradise alive, lost if i choose 

Twice haunting eyes watch in a slippery cave
my own demise must be a water filled grave

Theres a spot in this river where the magic runs thicker
with the fireflies abuzz making me sicker

Taunted and badgered by birds all the same
they glow and they bicker calling my name 

And the cattails dance singing of sweet sorrow
while moths gloat shining the light they borrow

I grant I may be more lost and a stranger
scared and alone in an everglade danger

There’s a point on the horizon where you can’t seem to see me 
but theres a sky in this river where I can see clearly 

If this moon’s a mirage, then the birds must be too
I’ll close my eyes tight and then calm will ensue 

Why do they tease, why won’t they clear?
will they leave me alone if I admit what I fear?
That the world I once knew is no longer here?

As the stars and the birds watch me below, 
I realize I left myself long ago

At least with certain I can avow 
there will be no more birds now.

"No More Birds Now" is an 18” x 24” illustration. A very limited edition of hand signed giclee prints is available at  www.jamesreadsmerch.com


I - The Magician
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