James Reed; Sinister Suspect or Sweetie?

With his parents dying at the hands of Death Eater’s, there have been many rumours about James Reed, Ravenclaw sixth year, possibly siding with the darker forces during the attacks. For his protection, or for the protection of others, Reed has been taken away from the castle at this time, causing much speculation as to whether or not he may in fact be involved.

Could the Ravenclaw boy be responsible, in any way, for the attacks? With the latest victim, Juliet Highmore, being particularly close to him, it would seem the boy were innocent, but why, then, has he been removed from the castle? With no confirmed word yet as to whether or not he is indeed a person of interest, of instead a victim of vicious rumours, we await word from either himself or the Aurors, but when there is more to tell, you can guarantee it will be shared here, dear readers.