Just want to say something.

People always complain about how Harry never named one of his children after Remus, while Remus was an extremely important person in Harry’s life and so on and so forth.

Well, there’s actually an extremely simple explanation to that problem.

Harry already had a son named after Remus Lupin.

Teddy Remus Lupin was Harry’s first son.

You’ll never be able to convince me Harry didn’t think this.

Thank Merlin that hippogriff sliced his cheek in the last raid or else Harry wouldn’t have a scapegoat for Skeeter. The scar was nasty, but at least Skeeter didn’t notice him scratching the back of his neck every two minutes. That darned unicorn joke tattoo James had slapped on him when he dozed off post-dinner had the itchiest sparkle charm.


The Weasleys + extended family

ASP: “Dad, what if I’m put in Slytherin?”
HP: “Albus Severus Potter. You were named after two headmasters of Hogwarts. One of them was a Slytherin and he was the bravest man I’ve ever Known”
JSP: “Who was I named after dad?”

Sometimes I sort of cry about the Next Gen characters because they can never truly know what their families went through.

Young James Sirius not knowing why Harry and Ginny crack down on him so hard when he asks to get a tattoo, because Harry remembers the less than voluntary tattoos another Sirius once had.

Teenage and early-twenties Teddy Lupin irritated that Harry scolds him for irresponsible spending, being careless of his health and not aiming for a decent job, not quite realizing how heavily his father’s life was dominated by unemployment, poverty and ill health.

Rose and Hugo Weasley learning that not all grownups have scars on their arms just because Mummy and Daddy both do.

Tiny Lily Luna sobbing because when she asked her mother if she could have a diary, her mother went very pale and sharply refused.

The very fact that their parents made a better world for them to live in will mean that there will always be that gap of understanding. Because their families wouldn’t want them to have to understand.

I can just imagine Sirius looking down and watching Harry as he named is children
  • Sirius:James, your son is going to name his son after me.
  • James:If you say so padfoot. I think it's going to be James, of course.
  • Harry:Lets call him James Sirius Potter.
  • James:Yes!!!
  • Sirius:What? Why is Sirius his middle name, it would be a bit odd when he names his second son Sirius.
  • When it is time for Harry to name is second son...
  • Sirius:It has to be me this time. Sirius Potter, I like it! Remus would have to be the middle name, Sirius Remus Potter, yep sounds good to me!
  • James:Yeah I like it.
  • Harry:We should call him Albus Severus Potter.
  • Sirius:What?!? Not me? What the hell? Severus is his middle name? You mean to say I'm equal with Snivellus? James, your son has problems!!
Sirius knew.

When James stuck eye of newt in Lily’s hair in second year, and charmed her books to sing whenever she opened them, Sirius knew he fancied her.

When Evans responded to this by hexing James Potter, Sirius knew she needed some convincing.

When she burst through the portrait hole in sixth year laughing, with snow melting in her hair and James Potter at her heels, Sirius knew. He isn’t sure what he knew, but he’s sure he knew.

When Lily blushes a bright red after James talks himself in nervous circles about how pretty her eyes are, Sirius knew she was coming around.

When Lily gives James a hard time at dinner some nights, Sirius knows it’s because he’s sitting next to Susan Spinnet and not, as she tells him, “Because he’s being an arrogant prick today.” 

When Sirius found the two of them asleep on the couch, the notes they had stayed up reviewing still open, James’ glasses crooked, Lily with her head on his shoulder, Sirius doesn’t wake them up. He knows. Even if Lily and James don’t know it yet.

fun facts about james sirius potter:

  • he is a tiny baby
  • he has absolutely no shame
  • he is entirely incapable of sitting still ever
  • he is a pain in the ass and he needs to weasel his way into everything ever
  • he has been openly gay since he was 15
  • he’s a complete open book he has no secrets and nothing to hide
  • except the first couple of years of his relationship with teddy which started when he was 16 and teddy was 21 oops
  • also that was mostly his fault he realized sometime between age 13-15 that wow his thirst for teddy was intense and teddy conveniently broke up with victoire the summer he turned 15 so….
  • (teddy tried to be a good person for as long as possible he swears he doesn’t like to talk about years 2019-2020 james is just persistent and obnoxious)
  • he wanders around partially dressed way more often than his younger siblings care for
  • he also sits on counters and tables too often this is literally james sirius potter: 

  • he’s chaser and eventual captain of the gryff quidditch team he takes after his mum and namesake
  • he is obnoxiously good at quidditch like really really good he goes pro after school
  • he wears the same sweater just about every day he honestly just doesn’t care and it drives victoire crazy
  • for a long time at the start of his relationship with teddy the gossip columns were still obsessed with teddy and victoire and printed shit about them all the time and james made sure to cut every single one of them out and hung them all on teddy’s fridge with little devil horns drawn over victoire. she was not as amused as james was (they love each other don’t worry)
  • his best friend is fred2 and they are complete terrors
  • harry introduced him to muggle films at a young age and he’s in love with american 80s movies
  • bill and ted is his favorite he quotes it a lot but no one else gets it and they just think he’s being weird he’s made teddy watch it like 50 times
  • i love him the very most he is my child