New 'Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy' Book 4 Snippet: Jem talks to James about Tessa

New ‘Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy’ Book 4 Snippet: Jem talks to James about Tessa

So yesterday was a crazy day in the Shadowhunter fandom. With all the news about the Shadowhunter TV show the fandom got #Shadowhunters trending on Twitter.

As we did that, Cassie gifted us with a new snippet from the Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy novella 4 – Nothing But Shadows – on her Tumblr account. Enjoy:

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  • <b>Sherlock:</b> "Magnussen is by far the most dangerous man we have ever encountered"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "i made people become suicide bombers"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "What the fuck more am i suppose to do"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "I fucking blew up an old woman and killed 12 people in a flat"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "I PUT A BOMB ON YOUR BEST FRIEND FOR FUCK SAKE"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "I SINGEHANDEDLY BROKE INTO THREE OF THE MOST SECURE PLACES IN THE COUNTRY AND AVOIDED BEING FOUND GUILTY"<p><b>Moriarty:</b> "WHAT THE FUck fuck being dead i need to kick this up a notch no we can nOT BE HAVING THIS NOPE"<p>

Two types of criminals:

"He [Magnussen] is a businessman – he’s not a mad chaotic villain, not like the award-winning performance Andrew Scott gave as Moriarty. He is something of great calm and measure that has a depth to it which is an even bigger challenge than the chaos of Moriarty. He is so measured and precise – he is like a shark, a terrifyingly perfect predator of our age."  - Benedict Cumberbatch