Ferguson is… you guys are just seeing that now but the potential for Ferguson, I get stopped by cops all the time because of the car I drive or, I’ve been in New York and experienced ‘Stop and Frisk’ and had books in my book bag and been asked, ‘Why are you carrying around books? Are you a student? You’re not a student, why do you have books?’ and been harassed, ‘Do you have drugs?’ So Ferguson is just, what’s happening there is not new to me, it’s new to y’all. *laughs good-naturedly*

James Brown & Michael Jackson - BET Awards 2003. 

"What is a genius? One who’s inspiration demands change. I couldn’t refuse to give this award tonight because nobody has influenced me more than this man right here. And I’m happy from the bottom of my heart. Since I was a child, at six years old, HE was the one that I looked up to more than any other entertainer. And I still do, today. So I’d like to say, ladies and gentlemen, I am deeply honored to present to James Brown, this years lifetime achievement award and nobody deserves it more than this man."

I loved this speech more than anything else he has ever said about anyone. The passion in his eyes was immense. I felt like at one point he would literally just start crying out of love for James Brown. Two icons, forever remembered.