Suleiman Mauly started using heroin in his native Zanzibar when he was 17 years old. He tried to stop, but it didn’t work. Finally, he found the 12-step program. The program helped Mauly recover — he stopped using drugs, and made amends with friends and family. He also introduced the program to his country, where an estimated 7 percent of the population of 1 million are addicts. And now there are 11 recovery houses around the island nation using the 12-step program. But how the essentially Christian program interacts with the conservative Muslim culture of the country is a constant challenge. 

It’s Been A Hard Road To 12-Step For Zanzibar’s Heroin Addicts

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10 yrs in future
  • *wedding*
  • Guy:y/n, you may now say your vows
  • You:wow, um, *turns to crowd* I never really thought I'd get this far I mean this was my back up plan... Erm I kinda wrote my vows to someone else but you don't mind... Right?
  • Fiancé:u-uh sure? Erm go on *looks out to worried crowd*
  • You:niall James horan, erm I mean Bradd, we both share this wild love for each other that could only be expressed in one way.
  • *cues dj*
  • 'I have loved you since we were eighteen...'
  • Fiancé:we met last year?

one tree hill ladies appreciation week: day two - favourite female friendships

"When we start to praise girls around us, when they score the highest grade in class on a test, when they land incredible jobs, when they have beautiful families—whatever!—we start lifting up those girls and ourselves. When we reach out in tough times, when someone has lost in love, failed an exam, missed out on an opportunity they’d been dreaming of—any of it—we show that girls can be each other’s backbones rather than the source of one another’s pain." -Sophia Bush

He doesn’t take any of this world terribly seriously. He has other interests, and he makes that clear. I think that’s very grounding for Peggy, because you feel like she can get swept up and lost in this pretty easily. And then there’s the fact that, secretly, he’s loving it. In my head, Jarvis thinks that he’s Jackie Chan. That’s what’s going on in my head. Jarvis thinks that he is a badass.

James D’Arcy (x)

GUYS. Guys. Jarvis thinks he’s badass is something I need on a shirt.

Hey so there was going to be a multiplayer mode called All Bonds and you need to find your N64 right now.

6 Video Game Easter Eggs Developers Didn’t Want You to Find

#4. GoldenEye 007 Had a Barrel of Bonds

Word on the Internet is that you could even play as alternate Bonds in the game’s bonus levels. It’s not clear why the mode was cut, although we’re guessing it was either due to legal issues or an elaborate plot by a bitter George Lazenby. Luckily, the other Bonds weren’t removed, just made inaccessible. Some of the hidden content can still be accessed with a GameShark, and in 2004, fans made an awesome mod that finally allowed the lost Bonds to be properly played. Because we were the ones who brought this up to you, we officially now and forever call dibs on not-Moore.

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