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what bothers me about marauders' era fics/headcanons

is that they literally forget that there was a war going on. even in hogwarts, the only ‘safe’ place left, imagine how awful it would be?

imagine sitting in class being taught by a teacher rumoured to be a death eater, a killer. imagine going to school with children who’s families have killed yours. 

imagine kids at school teasing you. then bullying you. then using dark magic on you. all in the safety of your own school.

imagine kids boasting about how they’re gonna torture people like you when they’re older. imagine getting older and seeing it happen.

imagine being neglected your whole life, and when you’re finally wanted, accepted, it’s by a gang of what may as well be hitler youth members.

imagine thinking someone’s gone bad, realising years later they died to end the war, like you would have, regretting how you hated them for the rest of your life.

imagine spending your life thinking destroying mudbloods is right, and then coming to school and suddenly everything you know is wrong.

imagine abandoning your little family because death eaters are after you. your son will never know you. your wife will never understand why you left.

imagine the war being over and watching the man who killed your friends cleared of all charges just like that, because he said he was being imperiused.

imagine hearing that your best friend betrayed your other best friends to Voldemort. imagine thinking it doesn’t make sense, because he loved them so much, he was their best man, he was their son’s godfather, he bought harry a baby broom, but he betrayed them and you can’t understand why. 

imagine the world celebrating the defeat of the wizard you’ve spent your life trying to destroy while you’re in Azkaban, knowing the only friend you have left hates you, and you deserve it.

imagine not knowing who to trust for 11 years. imagine refusing to love anyone again, because what good’s that done anyone in this war before? 

and then cry. because all of that, canonically, has happened at some point in the harry potter world.