#brothers - let me say this about relationships with people. Your relationship is your relationship only the parties involved know the dynamics of your relationship. I met this guy in 2010 and gave him the hardest time. He became my little brother who I vowed to be there for and protect. People have tried to destroy the bond we have but when God ordains something no weapon formed against it should prosper #Jamell #Del #Brothers #GodSons

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In 2014, three sociologists at the University of Kansas surveyed more than 2,300 drivers in and around Kansas City. They discovered that while stops over traffic safety violations showed little racial disparity, when it came to stops related to minor violations, like expired license plate stickers, black drivers were pulled over twice as often.
These “investigatory stops” provided what Slate’s Jamelle Bouie describes as a “pretext for something more sinister”:

In these, drivers are stopped for exceedingly minor violations—driving too slowly, malfunctioning lights, failure to signal—which are used as pretext for investigations of the driver and the vehicle. Sanctioned by courts and institutionalized in most police departments, investigatory stops are aimed at “suspicious” drivers and meant to stop crime, not traffic offenses. And as the authors note, “virtually all of the wide racial disparity in the likelihood of being stopped is concentrated in one category of stops: discretionary stops for minor violations of the law.”
The difference between the two kinds of stops is dramatic. Where traffic safety stops are mostly painless (other than tickets), investigatory stops involve searches, impromptu interrogations, and occasionally handcuffs and weapons.

A Brief Texting History:

~March 21, 2012- May 10, 2013~

JM: well, well well, Syren’s got a personal line to me now.  how’s it going, babe?

JM:  Come now, it’s okay, when we see each other we’ll find a chick-fil-a and share waffle fries -smiles- how’s that sound?

JM: ptrebbe trovae conforto e l'amore

JM:  BACON?!?!  why didn’t you say so?  how are you doing, my friend?

JM:  You are a flirt lol a frusterating flirt

JM: you’re a bit of a mystery that i intend to crack and you’re not an easy person to read even through texting. so you keep me on my toes and i love it

JM:  Hello darling

JM: I slept well considering i was woken by a beautiful woman (you)

JM:  What I like about you is that you’re extremely creative and a genius.  You are a tease and a flirt and i love your laugh.  you’re friendly and i can talk to you for hours on end :)   that’s what i’m trying to say

JM:  you’re beautiful in all that you are. remember that.

JM:  you know i have to wake up at five -hand trails down back-  i have school tomorrow

JM:  -kisses forehead-  goodnight, love

JM:  meglio di un bacio la mia regina, ma il mio amore. 

JM:  la nostra passione si brucia quando siamo posare gli occhi sulla vicenda.  Velocemente che bruciare diventera fuoco.

JM:  I could tell when you look at me that you were happy to see me. :)   it was cute

JM:   haha you are so beautiful, i swear.  i don’t know how you like me

JM:  you are just way too pretty.  your smile just melts me

JM:   i’m a little shy around you i’ll admit

JM:   Alannah, I do really like you.  I would lover to be with you, and spend time together, and hold you all the time

JM:  Sometimes i imagine the time we would spend together, like going to the movies and feeding each other fries.  just spending as much time with you as i could

JM:  I’d give you a piece of my heart

Me:  -dies-


Me:  -still dead-




JM:  Happy birthday girl.  too old for me hahah right now anyway.

me:  picture me as Femme!Vergil wearing knee high steampunk boots, with my hair a little longer than my shoulders and white and i have a skin tight blue leather jacket.  you’re dressed as Dante and we’re posed so i’m pushing you against a tree and your gun is pressed agaisnt my chin, tilting my face up for a kiss and my gun is to your temple

JM:  ….damn that’s hot.  I ship it.

JM:   you are beautiful and you can’t deny it because it is law

JM:   poi mi baci ;)

JM:   good morning, beautiful :)

JM:  if i were there, i swear I wouldn’t let anyone touch you. no one would ever hurt you again.  i would protect you even if that meant if i stood in between you and them and i was the one who got hurt

JM:  -lays next to you-  i’m not leaving until you tell me how you feel

JM:   i loved your video it made me laugh.  when you said slender people, i just lost it

JM:  Alannah i’m sorry i’m a terrible human being and i can’t live up to what you say aboout me.  i can’t handle all the love and attention that you give me and it’s hard for me to grasp and sometimes it cares me so i try to push you away so i feel safe again and so i can’t hurt you but i’m hurting you now anyways, aren’t I?  i know i am and i’m sorry and you can call me heartless and cold if you want to but i truly am sorry that i hurt you

JM:  no, don’t hide your beautiful face

JM:   hahaha no paper bag either, i’d have to kiss you

JM:    you have one of the most creative minds i have ever seen.  you should major in that in college

JM:   hey i’m sorry for hurting you again.i don’t know what to say but that

Queen with a crown that be down for whatever
There are few things that’s forever, my lady
We can make war or make babies
Back when I was nuttin
You made a brother feel like he was something
That’s why I’m with you to this day boo no frontin #JAMELL

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Happy bday #jamell #watchoverus 10/12/84 - 10/13/02 poem: from me to you😔
“Started from the bottom now we here/
Even though your in heaven I’d rather be there/
I’d walk right through the gates probably wouldn’t udder a word, just smile and stare/
I wouldn’t even stop the joyful tears/
I would wrap my arms around you erase my hurt and all of my fears/
Just to hear I love you and I will always care/
If heaven had visiting hours I’d be the first one there.