The English Teacher (closed @ surroundedbyhosts)

Jamal sat at his desk at the Ouran Academy, looking through his recently given essay assignment and grading them. He’d asked the class to read a fantasy book of their choice, and write a detailed review of it and the author.

He was just starting to grade another paper when the title of the essay caught his attention, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. When he looked for the student who had picked this topic the door to his class opened up, the student responsible for it walking in.

October 26, 2013: The Lewis's Wedding (closed)

Marcus sat in his room as all the men who played a special part in the wedding got ready, him however debating whether to use his cane or not. His leg had been hurts more recently, but he really wanted to have his wedding without the cane. It wasn’t the fact that he thought Samantha would think less of him if he did, in fact he wasn’t even thinking that.

No, it was the fact that for so many years he had lived with the curse of his bad leg, and he wanted to show that his leg was not going to stop him from being happy. No horrible past, past deaths of one’s he loved, or memories would bring him down. How could he show that to the fullest if he still admitted he was handicapped?

Closed Starter @ Surroundedbyhosts

Jamal just couldn’t believe what he’d done as he laid down on his couch, trying to overcome his hang over from the party he had gone to last night. Whatever had happened, he’d somehow managed to get naked, send pictures to Rory, and not be able to find his clothes. He was utterly ashamed of himself for doing such a thing to Rory.

With Death, Comes Life (Closed Starter @ thehoodedimperfection)

After the incident of Edward’s disappearance and supposed death, there had been much sorrow in the Thornbelt household. Even Aiyanna wasn’t herself, looking at the things uncle Edward had gotten her for holidays and birthdays with small tears.

Jamal spent most of his time trying to help Tiffany and Aisha continue on with life, trying to ignore the emotions of his past starting to overcome him.


There seemed to be only one thing able to keep him from seeping into it, and that was Tiffany being due any day now.

@worldsunnumbered (Closed) The New Baby Is Coming

Jamal was desperate to get a hold of either Rose or Samantha on the phone, needing one of them to come and watch Aiyanna. His wife was in labor, and in order to be with her this time he needed someone to watch their daughter. His father was already busy with the delivery, and he needed to get help quick.

Tiffany just started to sob as she hugged him tightly. “I don’t want to let your mother down though…she was the reason I got into ballet.” She whispered, shaking badly as she tried to think of a way to say it. “But..I have cancer…I found out yesterday…which is why I wasn’t here…they want me in hospital now…but I want to dance…the doctors said it will become worse if I do this…and my rate of survival will drop.” She whimpered, burring her head in him as she sobbed. “I’m scared Jamal…”

He held her close as she cried, tears in his eyes as well. He too was getting sick, but the doctors thought there was no chance of survival for him “, Then this might be both our last dance Tiffany. However, there is only a month left to it, right? Perhaps… we can both do it together? Maybe we can make it together?”

Jamal was having so far a terrible 26 birthday, not a single person having said happy birthday, not even his wife, father, daughter, or little brother Igg. They where all gone for some reason, all gone on his birthday. October 21… one of the saddest days of the whole year for him followed by the rest of the week that was full of other events. Why was October such a bad month for him and his father?

Back at Marcus’s, him, Samantha, Iggy, Aisha, and even Aiyanna where helping to get a small surprise party underway, Marcus being the head man with Samantha being his co-adviser. The place wasn’t too decorated, but Marcus knew Jamal wouldn’t mind, as long as someone remembered “, How is the cake coming along?” He asked Sam and Iggy as they where waiting for it to bake.