anonymous said:

Hi. I was wondering, how much would it take for Harry to be considered out? Like, he does all these things, and he is still not officially out. He just seem so close. Would it have to be as explicit as "I'm gay"? It's just, every time he does something, I can't help thinking "okay, this gotta be it, he is out now", and yet he still isn't, at least not officially. What would it take?

To say or do something so clear that it’s close to impossible for people to try to explain it away as something else. ‘Glaringly obvious’ isn’t close enough to that.

All the people who say stuff like, the photo isn’t literally of Harry and Louis and therefore it means nothing, or ‘if I post a photo of two girls does that mean I’m gay?’ are the reason why Harry is not out.


Anonymous said:

Somehow I find this ignorance some people have fascinating? It’s actually quite sad, thinking about what he may could do to convince people and what they do say :D Probably even a very blatant “I’m gay” would be shrugged off as something. I don’t know “he lost a bet” “that’s not a real picture”, somehow I cannot think of anything that would convince people. It’s not the “strong” pic it’s happy pride, michael sam, these charities, the secret lyrics, etc. what else do people want?!


This phenomenon is probably the most fascinating part of this fandom, I agree.

What he’s doing is inspiring a lot of anger, denial, and outright manifestations of homophobia from people (think of the fans with the ‘Michael Sam will burn in hell’ sign), so it’s definitely causing an effect. I  suspect that the more he does stuff like this, the easier on him and on the fandom it will be when he does come out—people will be prepared for it. From what I hear, thanks to Harry’s behavior over the last year, the more some fans see the ‘true Harry’ the less they like him. And so the people who are fans out of false expectations are getting fewer and fewer in number.

tellmethisisnotlove said:

It seems that everyone who was spoon-fed by Modest's narrative of HL and believed the denials had a hard time accepting HL being together. While I as an outsider saw 2 youtube interactions and I immediately understood that woah that is not something you do with your bropal-BFF. It is like MM has brainwashed half (?) of the fandom. How many reports have we read where friends, parents (outsiders) just looked at them and immediately got the couple vibe?! Really everyone else in the room can see it.

That’s why I wrote the tags that I did about being careful about what you accept as your authorities and be careful about what you accept from your authorities. I see a lot of people accepting a lot of shit from what they take as their authorities, and those authorities are very, very thin in the substance department.

Apparently a lot of these people have convinced themselves that no one in the world would think they are anything other than straight, platonic friends other than the committed larry shippers. There’s just…. a lot to say about that.