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I saw that timeline, about H&L never being apart for two weeks. I'm sorry to ask this, I feel like such a moron, but I wasn't around for the Jamaica thing. I've heard about it, but can you please tell me, in depth, what it's about? Thanks!

Last winter – late January/early February 2014 – Harry and Louis both disappeared for a week or so. Just dropped off the map entirely. Eventually, one picture of Harry at a Jamaican airport surfaced. The media reported that Harry was there with James Corden and Gary Barlow, two of his older, married friends. Since Louis was MIA at the time, the Larries assumed that Louis went to Jamaica as well.

A few weeks later, a random commenter on a random gossip site, purporting to be a middle-aged, married, gay man, claimed that he saw Harry and Louis at an exclusive resort in Jamaica at the beginning of February. (The original post on Bohomoth is gone, but it was about Harry’s bun – and there was a gif with Louis at the end. Hence the reference to “the other one” in tblair’s first comment.) Obviously, the word of an anonymous Internet commenter is not worth a whole lot, but I’m not ruling out the possibility that tblair was telling the truth – if he was a troll, he was a remarkably good one

At any rate, regardless of whether tblair was legit, I still feel confident that the trip happened. At the time this occurred, it was extremely unusual for the two of them to be MIA at the same time – so unusual that it was almost #confirmation that they were together somewhere. Harry went to Jamaica for his birthday – that much IS confirmed – and Louis was MIA. Why NOT think that Louis went too? I also remember how striking it was that Harry looked right at Louis (4th gif) when asked about his birthday vacation at the Brits later in February 2014. 

In other words: they went to Jamaica together, but we don’t have any actual confirmation of it.

(Here’s a timeline.)