Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in Jamaica 

Definitely hoping to find the rest of this speech.  This message is great for my Israelite brothers and sisters in the Islands, and South America.  Do not get caught in that delusion of thinking you are somehow better than your American brothers and sisters.  Hispanic Hebrews, I’m looking at you especially. We are all in the land of captivity and the curses are divided amongst us all.  Don’t let your flag fool you. Divide and conquer is the oldest of their strategies.

The view from our porch. We’re super tucked away with little cottages across the way. It’s hard to see but there’s a brook between that encircles the entire building too. And not too far off, there is a pool which is calling my name today.

I have been focused on school and home and trying to keep my head above the surface all while having my kid in ICU and trying really hard to just not lose my ever loving mind.

I am taking finals,  and will have my last test on Monday.

I start my clinical training on Tuesday at 6 am every day which should be awesome and disgusting all at once.

After I get my certificate on Tuesday, I am officially employable. However, I am still taking my state boards so that I can command a higher salary.

I am working on my resume so that I sound less “desperate housewife” and more “bitch, knows shit”

I am still unbelievably stoked about my vacation. I leave in 47 days and I can hardly contain my glee.

I miss you guys but real life is weird…who knew?