just gonna set this one here as a test yknow checkin if the waters too cold or if my video commentary from december is too much for you all to handle
anyways heres john n i on the trail to becomin the best damn wilderness explorers, we swore an oath and everything it was pretty legit


All i want for Christmas is yoouuuuuu
( This is literally me with this song, IT IS MY JAM AND YOU CANNOT TAKE THAT AWAY FROM ME)


Comicon Quest!

So part of the Swerve Posse (and Whirl) touched down in this desert for a couple days

I caught up with my best buddy Skids, but for some reason he acted like he didn’t know me and left. Mysterious guy. I got left alone with Tailgate and Whirl, who got kind of aggressive once we started hitting the bars. Started nicking people’s souvenirs, waving his fake guns around, forgetting about personal space, etc. A lot of the last one in particular.

Anyway, we ended up visiting local landmarks, salsa bars, and even meeting another intergalactic traveler. All in all, a good time! Tailgate even found himself a little Autobot badge somewhere.

There is this one thing that hasn’t stopped nagging at me, though.

Something the locals kept repeating that I still haven’t been able to figure out.

…what the fuck is “The Hangover”


you know what dave… youre actually not that cool!!:B

Jade Harley (mee!<3)

Dave Strider


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