i was tagged by the super duper all time awesome fluffyhippieninjaunicorns !!!

1. What’s your name? Hermione

2. When’s your birth month? 6th of May

3. Where are you from? Athens

4. Have a crush? On fictional characters

5. What’s your favorite color? Royal blue, orange

6. Write something in all caps. ALL CAPS

7. Favorite Artist/Band: Florence and the machine, The Glitch mob, Fall out boy, Cobario, Bastille that’s it for now…

8. Favorite number: 7 and 4 

9. Favorite drink: Tea, coffee, wine

I tag:

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it’s your turn to do it and also tag 10 people :3


I think I see a little improvement in my art and character design. Yeah, somehow, those two are the same character. At first her name was just Cat, but now I call her Jalre. Their species is called Berushtar. I still need to think of an outfit for her. I’m terrible with designing outfits.