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DESTINY (for the fandom thingy)

YAY I was hoping someone would ask this one. Okay so gather around everyone and I’ll tell the story of how Jamie got into Destiny. 

So basically long ago when I first started this blog I was primarily blogging about Infamous: Second Son (As well as other video games, but I started out with that game in particular). I don’t really remember how, but I believe I started following Jordan first and he was super into this game called Destiny which was coming out in a few months. So I was like: “Huh. I got to check this out.” So I started researching it, met the bae (Arach Jalaal), fell in deep into character love, and BOOM. I was obsessed. I began following other wonderful people who have become dear to me like: vvarneverchanges thexostranger become-belmont team-buttflag and a few others. Everyone that I’ve met in this fandom has been, and was, super nice and our combined excitement (and criticalness of the game which kept us grounded a bit also) just made the fandom for me. I fell in deep and I’ve never truly left this fandom it was one of my first big fandoms I was in when I started this blog and even though the game does has it’s problems I still love it to bits. <3

Thanks! :) 


               gear update!!

(+) Façade of the Hezen Lords -- One set, legendary. Because as much as you hate the Vex, you'll wear something resembling them anyways.
(+) Thrallskin Brace -- One set, legendary. That's right. Thrall's skin. I don't know why you'd wear it, either.
(+) Voidfang Vestments -- One set, exotic. Quite the special pair. Only because they were purchased before Xûr decided to sell them week after week after week after week.... after week....
(+) Order's Boots -- One set, legendary. You can thank Master Rahool for that one. Just don't let Jalaal see them.
(+) "Curse of the Hidden." -- One set, legendary.
(+) 'Vision of Confluence' -- One set, legendary.
(+) 'Icebreaker' -- One set, legendary.
(+) 'Corrective Measure' -- One set, legendary.