So i was challenged by my good buddy uncleclustersthirdbrain

due to the drought in Cali, i opted to use ocean water for this

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i hereby challenge jakewyattriot kevinwada & babsdraws

shutuptres said:

Sexy Namor. This is something you would be okay with in the future as a commission, yes? Also BEY AS STORM DAMN THOUGH.


Never have I ever drawn Namor.  But if I did, I would totally go that sexy, tan, Polynesian look he had for a bit.  I forget who drew him like that, but it just makes so much sense to me that he would be Polynesian-like.  And I suppose now is as good a time as any to spill, but Namor-drawer-extraordinaire kristaferanka, wuvable oaf jakewyattriot and queen of the universe babsdraws and I will be gathering together the Best Friends Gang for ECCC next year ;)


she wears a jacket for a cape, a bow, a skirt, a sword with a weirdly long handle, and has permanent blush circles. also her name is THE THIRD SWORD how can you make a cooler character?

i’m waiting for the creator (jakewyattriot) to make more pages for his webcomic Necropolis. i want more and the wait kills

christinedraws said:

I'm listening to the latest ep of the Less Than Live w/ Kate or Die podcast, and she has Jake Wyatt on as one of her guests, and he just rec'd Witchy! One of my fave comic artists on my new fave comic podcast plugging one of my new fave webcomics haha :D

first of all i’m glad you’re enjoying witchy!! and also AH JAKE IS TOO GOOD TO ME i swear he’s like my number one source of readers ha ha THaNkS jake (an dthanks for letting me know!!)

Ms. Marvel sure is purty.

(and entertaining)

Two artists thus far (Adrian Alphona, Jake Wyatt) and two great takes.

And every issue wonderfully colored by Ian Herring.

It sounds like it is selling well too, which is nice. It’d be a shame if this series was abbreviated.

(from Ms. Marvel #7 by gwillow + jakewyattriot+ iherring)

My fan art for Jake Wyatt’s Necropolis webcomic. He dropped into our figure drawing class. First assignment for this class that I’m actually proud of and happy about for a long time. :)

EDIT: Multiversecafe, I’m pathetic and don’t know how to comment back to answer your question cuz I suck at tumblr, but I think he is; if i’m not mistaken, he worked on Metro. y’all should check him out!