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1. Do you find me annoying? No ffff friend you’re wonderful. <3 I just wish I could help you more w/your problems.

2. What would you do if we met? Hug you close and tell you you’re perf friend and I’m here for you if you ever need and I’m sorry you’re hurting okay?

3. How annoyed are you at the movie called Frozen? sO ANNOYED UGHHHHHHH.

4. Do you think it’s okay to be related to LGBT? yES!!!!! I don’t mind any LGBT+ people!!! Or at least not specifically for that reason obvs!

5. If you had unlimited money, what would you do? Omg like, pay for college and commissions. bUT mostly what breaks my heart is all these posts on DA and tumblr about people needing money and I want to help SO bad but can’t???? Cause I have no money??? I’d donate to all of them.

6. What’s your favorite band? Uh??? Idk? I have a lot? Marina and the Diamonds, Maria Mena, The Neighborhood, Arctic Monkeys, MCR, The All-American Rejects, Fall Out Boy, Panic!At the Disco, Foxy Shazam, and Bastille are some of them.

7. Who’s your favorite actor/actress? Idk uh??? I don’t really have a favorite? Andrew Scott is cool!!!

8. gosh im running out of questions It’s okay, you asked a lot of good questions!

9. take five, brent Lol idek Brent.

My Questions:

1. Preferred names/pronouns????

2. Do you enjoy drawing? If so, what?

3. Do you like to cosplay? If so, again what?

4. wANT TO RP? Hit me up if so ahahah.

5. Wow have you seen hOW CUTE YOU ARE?

6. Read any interesting books recently?

7. Favorite characters/OCs that you LOVE to talk about? Tell me about them!

8. Do you have any pets?

9. Future aspirations?

10. Favorite food/drink(s)?

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1AM thoughts before I start my homework.

I feel like there’s honestly something wrong with me?

It took me until just a couple minutes ago when i picked up my textbook and smacked myself dead on atop the noggin with it, very hard, to realize it. I do stupid little things like pull at my hair or smack my head against walls, or bite at my lips and pull skin off little bits at a time, even when i’lI feel them start to bleed. And other times I just bite myself or I’ll sit under steaming hot water in the shower despite the fact that it burns.

Sometimes I feel like i’m doing it so that I’ll calm down, because I do it very often when i’m excited about something, but I also do it when I feel like I did something wrong. And I guess a lot of the time I feel like my excitement is wrong, because I feel like i’m making a fool out of myself and one likes me when I do that and I always end up getting over excited and saying something stupid or accidentally physically hurting someone. Or. Overall just irritating people.

Idk, but I think i’ll delete this later or s/t.