Going Home | Cake

Clare sighed as she sat in the heated truck as Jake packed the back of the truck with the few bags that they’d brought. The night before had been amazing but waking up in his arms had been special. There’d been a moment where she realized she was still naked and he was in just underwear but she was comfortable with him. The whole morning had been something out of a daydream because they never had time alone. Showering together and then breakfast, the quiet before they decided it was time to pack up and go home. Clare laid her head against the window and sighed. He said he wasn’t going anywhere but Clare would be lying if she said that she wasn’t worried about the talk they planned on having with Glen and her mother.

The heat on her face was making her sick, so she reached forward and turned the vent away from herself. She needed to breathe. Last night had happened and Jake wanted her, too. He wanted them to last, maybe even forever, if there was such a thing. She just needed to stop letting her brain twist things around until she felt like everything was coming to an end even though they’d just gotten back together. She knew how it went though, she’d watched it with her parents but they weren’t Randall and Helen. They were Jake and Clare, two people who could be serious when needed but also be happy and carefree, laugh at everything together and she needed to remember that it would be okay. Clare nodded to herself and unzipped her jacket, laying it in the seat beside her as she waited for Jake.

baby i | Stella + Jake

Stella sighed and clicked the ‘OFF’ button on her brand new LCD plasma. Well, technically, it wasn’t hers. She shared it with her roommates, but still, she was far from complaining. The young brunette folded the blanket that was draped across her body and she grabbed her phone, texting Jake back. She smiled at his invitation out, and she accepted. She had now officially been in Hollywood for two days and have barely stepped out of Melrose. Stella walked up to her room to pick out an outfit and decided on a crop top and a high-low skirt. The weather was fair, but she figured she may not get home ‘till late so she wanted to be comfortable. She walked into the bathroom to do her hair and makeup, and to lightly freshen up. Smiling and content with her appearance, she spritzed on a layer of eau de parfum ( perfume), inhaling her own aroma. Stella nervously bit her lip, and slipped on her pair of wedges, and grabbed her wallet and phone. She looked around the kitchen, and the house was quiet and empty so she waited on the kitchen island for Jake’s familiar voice.

both of us || jake-m-a-r-t-i-n

Clare wasn’t entirely sure what was going on with her. She was on edge, Jake had gotten it right and she wasn’t meaning to be. In fact, she was doing everything she could to not even appear to be… whatever it was that she felt. She felt like she was grasping at things and coming up empty handed. With work, she was always on her feet and as much as she enjoyed her job, it was running her down. As soon as she got in from the Dot, she went straight to the books. Whatever free time, she could only hope that Jake was free so the two of them could spend time together. They’d both been busy and maybe that was it, just on top of being tired and busy. Maybe she just missed him but she knew it wasn’t his fault. Honestly, it just felt like everything was crumbling and she didn’t understand. She had a good life, she had an amazing fiancee. She had a roof over her head and everything she could ever want or need. They met their bills and worked together well. She was managing to keep her grades up and she was happy. But lately she always felt close to tears and on the brink of a panic attack. Giving in, she shook her head and shut the bathroom door, in case Jake came home and sat against it as she held her head in her hands.

Making French Manly || Cam and Jake

Cam had many request to be tutored for French and he knew the tutoring should start as soon as possible. Jake was going to be one of his tutors and probably a new friend since Eli and him were close he heard. He closed his laptop and picked it up while grabbing his French textbook off his desk. He was going to go to the library and wait for Jake there so he could be tutored in French. He walked out of his room, B12, he wasn’t sure why Eli was always posting weird things were going on. He thought his room was perfectly fine and nothing weird had been going off. He walked down the hall looking around for the library and pulling out the map they were all given. He squinted at it and turned down the hall knowing to make the two first rights and the library would be on the left. He folded the map back up and continue to walk down the hall.

He wondered why both Eli and Jake thought he was gay while he ran a hand through his hair. He bit his lip knowing the reason why he didn’t have a girlfriend or interact with them much. His hockey career was important to him and his family but he knew it caused him anxiety. Hockey had taken everything away from him without him knowing; his friends, free time, a possible girlfriend. He sighed, he knew both the guys were right but he was glad that he was making friends just like his therapist told him to, and especially guys out of hockey. 

He made it to the library and looked at the other students in there studying. He walked around looking for an empty table and found one. He walked over to the table and put his textbook and laptop down on the table. He sat down in the chair and leaned back in it sighing, he hated French and he sucked at it. He then remembered that two girls had offered to tutor him and a small smile came to his face. Maybe he should mention that when Jake got there and possibly get some tips because so far Eli telling Tori that Cam wanted to have sex with her, didn’t work. He then noticed Jake and raised his waving him over “Hey Jake” he said.

Cookie Mania || Madison, Jake, and Davis

Madison was really tired after cooking all day and considering she’d made five dozen cookies, she decided to stop. Two dozen chocolate chip cookies, two dozen white chocolate chip cookies, and one dozen strawberry cookies. She’d laid down for a nap and ended up there for an hour or two. Once she’d woken up, she decided to go to Karen’s, where, of course, everyone could somehow smell the cookie on her and wanted some. Madison told Jacob and Davis they could come, because she’d noticed lately they both looked a little down lately. She didn’t really ask why, she was never one to get into people’s personal life, but she knew cookies were always a good pickup; there’s no way she could eat five dozen cookies, anyway.

Madison went home and changed out of her cookie making clothes and into some jeans and a t-shirt, eating on some of the cookies while she waited for them. She leaned over and grabbed her bag, taking out some of the things she had to work on before the school year started and looked over the list of kids that she had next year, trying to capture all the names so that she wouldn’t forget any names. She always that she was weird for this, but oh well.

This Love Is Ours || jake-m-a-r-t-i-n

Clare was nervous, beyond so. She knew her dad would take it better than her mother and as for Glen, she wasn’t too sure but Jake seemed to think it would all be okay. Her mother, on the other hand, scared them both. After being kicked out many months ago, it had been a hard time rebuilding that relationship she had with her mother. But she’d done it and she couldn’t help but feel like this piece of news would send it crumbling once again. But she was happy, despite the regular stresses that came and go and sometimes left her feeling as if she had trouble breathing. She knew she could fight through it and she knew that because of Jake. Jake was her rock and the constant in her life. The one she could always depend on. Which was why she knew marrying him was right. Not right away, of course. They’d already agreed on a long engagement. 

"This meatloaf is really good, Clare." Glen mumbled before stuffing another bite into his mouth and Clare smiled, nodding in his direction. She’d made her mother’s favorite. Meatloaf, green beans and macaroni salad with cheesecake as dessert. Her mother had to know something was up. Especially with the way her mother kept glancing at her, that nervous, yet suspicious look in her eyes. Her dad nodded in agreement and Clare looked away from her mother, her hand slipping under the table to catch the one Jake had on his lap. She laced her fingers with his and breathed out. She glanced at him and smiled. Neither of them knew how this night would go, but she hoped it wouldn’t be as bad as they both feared it could be. Clare heard a fork hit a plate and tore her eyes from Jake to see her mother wiping her mouth with a napkin as she stared them both down, her mouth set in a scowl. "You’re pregnant, aren’t you? Is that what you’ve gathered us all here for?" Helen said, her voice even and firm.

A friend in need || Jake & Imogen

Imogen quickly threw her hair up in a loose bun on the top of her head and grabbed her coat as she left to go to Jakes house. She walked fast because it was cold out and Jake didnt exactly live next door, so it was going to take her awhile to get there. She thought about Jake and how much little she really knew about him. Sure, they were in the same grade and had talked in Spanish class a few times, but she didnt really know him. But she knew he’d been bummed out ever since the party a few nights ago. During truth and dare, Jake and Imogen had kissed, both of them also just so happened to be in relationships and neither of their girlfriends were there. Although it had meant nothing, and they were both totally wasted, it had caused a lot of problems. Apparently, Jake had butt-dialed Katie at the party that night, so she showed up right when they were kissing. And out of anger, Katie had gone and slept with Owen that night being sober, which caused the couple to break up.

Once she finally arrived to Jakes house, she knocked on the door and waited for him to answer. She wasnt sure what they would do to keep entertained, but she knew he needed a friend right now, and Imogen Moreno could find fun in everything she does.

anonymous asked:

Why do you think Effy let Panda be friends with her? I mean, some cooler people must've wanted to be friends with her but she probably rejected them. So why Panda? (Sorry if you already received this qiestion)

I don’t think she did have other people clamoring to be her friends, necessarily. She seems like kind of a loner.  And Pandora is also a loner.  At least in 207, Panda provided a good excuse to get away from Jake1, so that’s how they started to be friends, and then I think Effy found Pandora’s dottiness and cluelessness to be amusing so she kept her around.

Nobody else but you / Jake

Clare pushed the covers from her legs and stood up, fixing her pajama bottoms before glancing in the mirror and running her fingers through her hair. Sure, it was really late. Or early, depending on how you looked at it, but Clare missed Jake. Since breaking up, she spent weeks of being upset and trying to work past it. She was fine, but there was the feeling of always longing for him even though he lived in the same house as her. She breathed out and padded softly to the room next to hers and knocked on the door quietly. After being distant from him for so long, all she wanted was to at least hug him and know that the words they’d said to one another was real and that this wasn’t just another dream.

With You || jake-m-a-r-t-i-n

Clare gently swung her and Jake’s hands as they walked along, they’d been there for a while and had yet to find anything. After telling him that she wanted to go that night for their tree, she’d stuck to her word. Grabbing her jacket and some mittens and her scarf, she dressed on the way to the truck and now they were browsing the tree farm. She was almost sure she was annoying Jake and if not him then anyone else around them, what with humming Christmas carols and occasionally singing. She honestly couldn’t help it. She was simply way too excited for Christmas. It would be her and Jake’s first one away from their parents and it marked something important for her, not that she could entirely put it into words. But she was proud of Jake and of herself, and of how they had done it. They were living their life and they were together. They were happy. Sure, they had arguments and sometimes it was hard because they were teenagers in high school but she wouldn’t change her life for anything. 

Glancing over, she saw it. The very tree she wanted. Jake told her it was her choice, leaving everything up to her. But she wanted him to like it, too. Her mom had given her some decorations and so had her dad, but she’d also put away money so that she and Jake could get their own. They lived in an apartment, so they couldn’t do the outside, but she was going to make sure the inside was done just right. “Jake!” She grinned and pointed with her free hand to the tree that had caught her eye. It was sort of big, but she knew they’d be able to fit it in their living room. It was perfect, she was sure and without warning, she pulled Jake toward it. Letting go of his hand, she walked around it, looking through to make sure it wasn’t bare in some spots. Clare reached out and brushed her fingertips over it and smiled up at Jake. She was right, it was perfect. “What do you think?” She asked, her voice hopeful as she turned back to the tree and grinned.

My Life Would Suck Without You || Cake || jake-m-a-r-t-i-n

After school, she had rushed to The Dot, pulling on her work shirt and rushing around the place. She was surprised she hadn’t been fired, if she were being honest. She was not at all graceful and continued to spill things but the manager was working with her, telling her that she was at least good at defusing situations. And though she spilled a total of two drinks and three plates in the span of four hours, she’d gotten nice tips and she was in good spirits. Especially since she and Jake were moving into their apartment. But now, hours later, as she climbed the stairs again with yet another box, she was tired. 

Clare set it on the pile by the door and laid down in what would be their living room. Her back resting against the cool wooden floor. “I vote for a break. And I’m hungry.” She’d taken care of that, too. They had a picnic basket made up for dinner because she knew neither of them would feel like cooking after all of the moving boxes. She shut her eyes and forced herself to roll onto her stomach before pushing herself up and standing on her feet. With her eyes open again, she peeked into the kitchen where she thought Jake had been but he wasn’t there. She sighed quietly, walking through the apartment. Their apartment. She smiled and stopped in their bedroom where he was already setting the bed up.  ”Break?” she asked hopefully, smiling at him.