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Is Jak being left handed your headcanon or did I miss this very important info

I got it from the Jak and Daxter wiki*, actually! It claims that “Jak appears to be left handed according to multiple Jak X cutscenes, a poster of Jak 3, as well as his Dark Bomb attack being a left hand attack.

…Of course, your mileage may vary on this (this is the same wiki that claims he’s 5’8” in Jak 2, for a start, and I for one am not buying it); but in this case I just shrugged and ran with it.

*warning: this link is full of spoilers for all of the games so proceed with caution

was looking through old drafts and found one that was about the stupid time travel stuff the series got thrown into and how Keira could in anyway be Samos’ biological daughter (because, from what we can assume, she has got to be adopted due to her and Jak’s age and the kid’s age when he went back in time)

and maybe the time rift will put you into different times? Like Samos could have just arrive in Haven 2 years after Jak and Daxter arrived there, and we don’t know for sure with Keira and when she popped in.

when we saw Samos in prison but he still has his regular clothes on, implying that he was recently thrown away. That or he managed to stay away from the guard (I assume he was thrown in because they could mistake him for the Shadow, and if he remembered anything at all he would probably remember that he was a wanted man in this time) for 2 years pretty consistently. Or maybe the guard never bothered to get him new clothes. So, whatever yeah he may have just popped in at the wrong year who knows how their time portals worked

But that could explain how Keira could be his biological daughter? Maybe? Like, he pops into TPL time accidentally 5 or so years before the Kid and like, that shit happens and he has a kid, bla bla. When the Kid would eventually arrive, well, Samos and Keira would already be there to help him through adjusting

idk. This was a mess of text.