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Here we go again. Still no “Mellow Chihuahua (the song).” However, a new twist to this week’s cover. A special guest! JaimeLyn Beatty was kind enough to drop by Camp Manchild and lend her lovely pipes to this weeks cover, “Rose Garden” by Lynn Anderson.

This song is one of those mysteriously massive hits that time has somehow forgotten. I’d have still never heard the song (at least on the radio, or through friends) if not for finding this song on a country sampler at a rural Washington outpost a few years ago. But the song was a massive crossover hit at the time. Which was late 1970. It topped the country charts, hit as high as #3 in the pop charts, topped the charts in Germany, and hit #3 in the England pop charts. 

The original version has a bombastic orchestral intro that I have done zero justice to. But JaimeLyn does lovely work singing Lynn’s lines. It was a real joy to record someone with such a pure wonderful voice. I hardly had to do anything to it. A light coat of reverb is all. My voice often requires doubling, harmony parts, copious amounts of reverb and eq. What joy. 

I had some fun infusing this country number with a little more of my personality than recent posts where I’ve been pretty faithful and straightforward to the original. This version sounds like country met reggae in a spaceship and had baby named Dean.

My hope is to continue the trend of bringing in friends to help out with the covers project. We’ll see about next week since I’m heading to SF on Thursday, and won’t be back until Tuesday. But certainly the following week I’ll be actively harassing my friends into helping out here and there. Some friends you know already, others you’ll soon meet.

Enjoy. And special thanks again to Miss JaimeLyn Beatty!