Jailhouse Rock || Ember + Kota

He was in there forever. Avoiding stares and praying he could evolve right then so he wouldn’t have to breathe anymore, Dakota nearly ran right through the bars when they told him he was getting processed to leave. His divorce papers were still in a Evidence bag; it was beyond him how that was deemed worthy enough or suspicious enough to be tucked away in such a fashion. He smiled at Ember who was in the waiting room. 


"Thank you so much baby." He pulled her in for a kiss, showing his overwhelming gratitude.


Basically you hit shuffle on your iPod/iPhone/mp3 and post the first ten songs you get, then tag ten people.
I was tagged by estraxled thank you sweetie😘

1. Let’s Get Rocked - Def Leppard
2. Attitude - Guns N’ Roses
3. Bed Of Roses - Bon Jovi
4. Anybody Seen My Baby? - The Rolling Stones
5. I’m Leaving You - Scorpions
6. Rodeo - Mötley Crüe
7. Dancing On Glass - Mötley Crüe
8. Wasted Heart - Duff McKagan’s Loaded
9. Women - Def Leppard
10. Jailhouse Rock (Live) - Mötley Crüe

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Ghazan played the tenor saxophone,

Little Ming-Hua was on the slide trombone.

The combustion bender P’li went crash, boom, bang,

the whole rhythm section was a Red Lotus Gang. 

Lets rock, everybody lets rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block,

was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock.

Zaheer the airbender said to P’li,

'You're the cutest mind-bender I ever did see.

I sure would be delighted with your company,

come on take down the world’s leaders with me.’

Lets rock, everybody let’s rock.

Everybody in the whole cell block,

was dancin’ to the jailhouse rock.”

Okay, but where are all y'all anti-death penalty/capital punishment people at re: Ferguson

Y’all are against the institution killing serial rapists and mass murderers, protesting at the jailhouse but

a Black boy can be killed for jaywalking and y’all silent.