We’re Gonna Party Like It’s 1969 - {Listen}

This playlist is a 60s party-themed playlist kind of inspired by Mad Men. The songs are close to exact chronological order, earliest to most recent.

001: Long Tall Sally / Little Richard; 002: Jailhouse Rock / Elvis Presley; 003: Stupid Cupid / Connie Francis; 004: Wild One / Bobby Rydell; 005: The Twist / Chubby Checker; 006: Cradle of Love / Johnny Preston; 007: Volare / Bobby Rydell; 008: Runaround Sue / Dion & The Belmonts; 009: Zou Bisou Bisou / Gillian Hills; 010: The Loco-Motion / Little Eva; 011: Summertime Blues / The Beach Boys; 012: I Only Want to Be With You / Dusty Springfield; 013: These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ / Nancy Sinatra; 014: You Can’t Hurry Love / Diana Ross & The Supremes

Cops Charge Man With “Destruction of Police Property” for Bleeding on Their Uniforms After They Beat Him

A black man who claims he was charged with destruction of police property for bleeding on Ferguson police officers’ uniforms during a brutal jailhouse assault asked a federal appeals court Thursday to revive his case.


That’s a story I recently learned. That’s fucked up!

I don’t  know whether to call such a case as a regular, but certainly it represents the behavior of the police with the citizens of the United States. I hope that this is an exceptional case, I hope it’s an isolated pattern of police brutality. But something tells me that this is only a small fraction of the atrocities by the cops, which until recently was accepted to discuss. 

Scary, sad …

#PoliceBrutality #Ferguson

1. Insecurity: my whole entire body including the features on my head, but i’m not insecure enough that it stops me from living or doing certain things.
2. Fears: the ocean, death, fireworks, outer space, sea creatures, google maps sometimes
3: Turn Ons: drop me off at a park bench next to a fountain, buy me a to go box of fully loaded beef nachos, watch me eat it with opera glasses from a nearby restaurant. When I finish the nachos drive by and throw a note out of the car window that says “good job”
4. Life Goals: idk I at least want to try to do everything I love and whatever I stick to or end up being good at is fine with me as long as I’m happy, bruh.
5. Things You Like: temporarily grieving over dead animals/roadkill sightings and cheesy jokes.
6. Weaknesses: other people, I guess. I fight for others, I stand up for others, I try to make others happy, but I forget about myself a lot.
7. Things You Love: anything miniature, cathedrals, ghost stories, dogs, whales, sad music, sad books, sad movies, mexico, tanning, writing, singing, SNL, the sound of my dog’s collar when I walk in, tea, reading, foreign films, train stations, airports, and food courts, sleeping, dreams, etc.

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name: megan

nickname: meg

birthday: march 16

gender: female

sexual orientation: bi

height: 5’ 6"

time/date: 3:18 pm, January 14

average hours of sleep: 5

last thing i googled: Priam, last king of Troy

first thing that comes to mind: im scared for my algebra final

how many blankets i sleep under: 3

favorite fictional character: hazel levesque

favorite anime: sailor moon

favorite beverage: water

favorite fruit: raspberries

last thing i saw in theaters: the maze runner

dream holiday: at the beach

dream job: a museum curator

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ok but has anyone considered jail au

jed and octy were part of the same gang and got partnered up against their will- the heist was a bust and they were caught (the rest of the gang got away). they room together and hATE EACH OTHERS GUTS

one time jed gets into a fight accidentally (b/c he cant fucking shut up to save his goddamn life) and gets beat up by a rougher crowd- and so octy has to patch him up b/c no one else will and wow his nose is probably just gonna end up looking like that, ouch

they form a grudging alliance and team up to break out with the only other inmates that will bother talking to them-

attila, the gorilla looking guy who’s probably a hitman or something- honestly they aren’t sure and he doesn’t speak the best english so they don’t wanna ask- who’s actually a huge softie at heart and molds his bread into little animals

ahkmenrah, the only innocent one in here because his brother apparently framed him for murder so that he could take the inheritance from their parents (they aren’t sure if they can trust him, but he’s the smartest of all of them and threatens to rat them out if they don’t let him in on their plans)

larry, the guard who’s just here for a summer job and oh god if he doesn’t help him theyre gonna kill him (we’re not gonna kill him, pshh, don’t let him know that ha bump into him and pretend youre furious and watch his face)

teddy and sacagawea, ahkmenrahs friends from the outside who agree to help them a la Grand Budapest Hotel by sending in tools and giving them information

and just

jail au u guys