jahvandre replied to your post: oookay i’m ready to go back to washington now …

Good lord you’re in Alaska? That place seems…depressing.

yeah, it’s where i grew up and lived till i was 16 (then my family moved down to WA then BACK to alaska last year because my dad lost his job, long story short)

and it is. :( the summer isn’t nearly as bad as the winter but man, i wanted so bad to get out of this town forever and now i’m back for summer break and it sucks. i miss bellingham.


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hsgdghsgd- I love your art ;w; oh my god i just wanna steal it and put it on my wall

awwww hehe thank you!! <3 i could draw you something if you’d like :o i’ve noticed that when i draw stuff for other people i usually put more effort into it!


 jahvandre replied to your photohuh i was going through my webcam pics folder and…

This makes me realize how untalented i am ;A; Amazing art though.

noooo don’t say that :( i’m sure your stuff is lovely!! but thank you :3

dre is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

He offered to buy my way into Aki-Con and now he’s inviting me to spend the 4th of July with his family cause I said I’d rather be alone.

I have nice friends