You are so beautiful, I’m sorry if I don’t tell you that enough. Sometimes I just get so caught up in staring at you being you, that I forget to share the thoughts that are forever flooding my mind. I know we don’t see each other very often, and I know it gets really hard… But everyday apart is a day closer to it all being easier. You are such a beautiful soul and I’m so lucky that yours fell in love with mine. Never forget how loved you are.

It just saddens me so much that Meg was just completely gone after season one.  Like yeah she was mentioned several times and she was technically in Death Watch but we got to see Kate again why couldn’t we have just had Meg show up to say hey or maybe a case took them to where she happened to be working and she advised them on something or I dunno an old case popped up and Harm went to ask her if she remembered anything he wasn’t remembering like just something like she was so great.