Apr 22 · 2013

Rule 1: Post the rules.
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I got tagged by nethermockingjay (Hello there ^u^/ btw) So here goes!

What was your favourite cuddly toy you had as a kid?

Well, I had 2 actually. When I first came into America,I got 2 stuffed animals that stuck by me. #1 was a cute white teddy I called Osita & she was cute and soft and had a red heart nose and I miss her but…I she is lost in an attic somewhere TT~TT but she is still in my heart and I love her still today to bits.
My 2nd baby,I STILL have is my stingray plusie from Sea World named Manta. She is awwdorebubblesh and I remember we used to go swimming in the pool together a lot QwQo but now she just smiles happy with Phione,The Cat in the Hat,Snoopy,Charlie Brown,LK Jaden Kuri-kun VI (my Kuriboh plush made by my bud Malindachan) & the cast of Soul Eater on my bed ^-^

Favourite doctor?
Suess C8

If you were a superhero or MG, what colour would you like your costume to be?
Turquoise or Pink ^w^/ or better yet,a mix of both :D cuz my spirit Ka is DMG

Favourite Disney Pixar movie?


But I definitely will say Finding Nemo. Because its the best feels trip. I love to watch 5 trillion times ib a row.

Favourite emoticon?

Hmmm…I use too much…
=^w^= kitty face?
C8 -^u^- {}w{} ^.~ 8D @U© XF
Id say the heart less than 3 but mobile tumblr no like et.

Favourite mythical creature?

I wish I was a fairy ;w;o

Batman or superman and why?

Batman. Because umm Robin xF
And ah laik Teen Titans xF?
But Superman gets a hug from me.
But Andrew Garfield is my baby so he wins them all.

If you owned a sweet (candy) factory for ONE DAY, what new candy would you invent?

Because I love ice creams @u@/~*¤

Favourite TV show as a kid?

Yu-Gi-Oh! Established my life.
But I loved CardCaptors too.And my love for Tokyo Mew Mew goes beyond the heavens \^()^/
Also Powerpuff Girls & Foster’s Home for Imaginary friends yo.
Ehe I learned English by watching PPG & Dexter’s Lab ^u^ as a kid.(I’m from Bolivia but came here since 6yrs old)

Do you have any strange habits?

Well being an abridger does things to you. I sometimes slip into my abridged character voices without meaning to in regular conversations and it raises some eyebrows if they dunno what abridged series are xD!

Favourite music to listen to on youtube?

J-rock,J-pop,SHINee,anime OP/ED/OSTs/Songdubs,Abridged Song Parodies,Classical & Musicals

Ok.Now for my 11:

1. How did you come up with your username? Is it symbolic?

2. What is the key to your friendship?

3.If you could get rid of 3 types of evils in this world. What would they be and why?

4. What nicknames do your friends call you?

5. What is your favorite Ancient Civilization and why?

6. If we got visited by aliens. What would you do?

7. If you could be a magical girl/boy/superhero in any series. What series would you chose. What color would you be. What would be your name & weapon/power?

8.If you could leave a mark in history. What would you like to be remembered for?

9. What is the kindest thing anybody has ever done for you?

10. Cats and Bunnies or Dogs and Foxes?

11. What is more romantic a serenade of a song written about you and just for you,or a serenade of a song that means a lot to you?

bunny-maid asked:

4, 10, 11, and 12? owo


Lol I was born and raised Catholic. But I’m not like OVERTLY religious like some people eheh. I believe if youre a good person. And you know the difference between right and wrong, then good things will happen. I do thank God for saving my life when I had a scary surgery in middle school tho. I’m very grateful.


Well. I was very lost the past 3 years. I didn’t know who I was. Or WHY I was even alive anymore. I felt I didn’t have a reason to exist. But a person changed that.They let me know I’m not useless when others around me told me I was. Now I love him and I wanna make him happy ^_^ <3 so my biggest dream is to one day be with my Prince Charming Tyrest & have a nice job I love doing and just spending the rest of our lives being cute together >w< also I want us to have a cat and a rabbit for pets x)


ACTUALLY. I have Panophobia. The Fear of EVERYTHING. Everything can be scary if you think about it. But I’ve gotten better. And I think the scariest thing now is the future. I don’t know what may happen. But I hope the good will outweigh the bad.

12. Hidden Talent…hmm. I don’t think anything I’m good at is hidden xD…musical theatre,voice acting,abridging,drawing,cosplay,singing,Bolivian dances is all pretty public……daah vibrating my uvula w/o spit?