The Root of of every problem lies from loving the Dunyah

Abu Abdillah Ja`far al-Sadiq [as]:

Wasā`il al-Shi`a [Al Al-Bayt], Al-Hur Al-Ameli, V.16, Pg.8


[20821]/1 - Muhammad b. Yacoub, from Ali b. Ibrahim, from his father, from Ibn Abi `Umyar, from Dursahtah b. Abi Mansour, from a companion, from Hisham b. Salim all narrated together 

Those who are against Ali ibn Abi Talib after Me are Kafirs, Those who associate an equal to Ali are Kafirs, Those who love him are believers and those who hate him are hypocrites, Those who try to live by his example will reach him, Those who fight him are apostates, Those who disagree with him are bound to be destroyed, Ali is the light of Allah on this land and he is the decisive argument on the slaves, Ali is Allah’s sword on the enemies, Ali is the heir of all of the Prophets, Ali is the most elevated of Allah’s words, but the most degrading word used by His enemies, Ali is the heir of the master of the Prophets , Ali is the commander of the believers, Ali is the leader of the pious and the Imam of the Muslims, Allah does not accept anyones faith who, doesn’t accept his (Ali’s) Wilayat and doesnot obey him.
—  Messenger of Allah [saws]: Basā’ir Al-Mustafa Le Shi`at al-Murtatha Hadith. 30; Amali - Sheikh Saduq, Pg. 19

Nasheed [Poetry] in Honour of the Birth of Sayyida Zaynab [as]:

For your birth we are in smiles, and this poem I compile

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab 

For your birth we are in smiles


O’ You are the symbol of patience and of modesty

Let us not forget the courage that you get from Ali 

What words can explain your merit’s you come from a pure tree

O’ It’s roots are Ahmadi, Alāwi, and Fātimī

We have not even begun, yet your brighter than the sun

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab 

For your birth we are in smiles


From you Zaynab we learn the merit’s of the night prayer

A blessed Sunnah that was taught to you by your mother

When I read such events about you I become closer

From your action’s Zaynab I get close to the creator

What merit do I narrate, O Zaynab you are so great

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


O’ The daughter of Ali’s shrine will continue to shine 

The golden dome of Zaynab will forever be our sign

Your enemies Zaynab will never succeed in there crimes

A soldier called Al-Abbas protects it he is her spine

Abu Fadhil is her shield, the protector and the seal

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


Your courage O Lady Zaynab is like that of Ali

O’ Your sermon against the cursed Yazid still shakes many

Yazid asked you about Hussain he said what do you see

You answered him in eloquence all I see is beauty

A mirror of her father, and of Zahra her mother

Lady Zaynab, Lady Zaynab

For your birth we are in smiles


Mountather Al-Karbalāi’ - Ottawa, 2014/03/08

Figures. I’m always late to the party. Procrastination is a strong suite of mine right?

Ugh. Anyways here’s a pic I did of my favs, The Game Grumps. I guess this is now more of a tribute to Jon and Arin’s (also Barry!!) wonderful show. I will sincerely miss their amazing rapport. I’m interested to see how this plays out. Good luck guys!!

Suzy Goose, Jacques, and Barry all made cameos here. Wheee!

Update 06/28:

Sooo yeah.. There were a few GLARING issues I had with the first one I posted. Fixed them here,


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