just for her dada!


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Hide and seek under the cap (by JAESTAHH)


First thought “damn I looked so happy”

I miss those days when I didn’t give a single fuck what anybody has to say about us..

I miss this old nea & john

I miss those times when I wasn’t so scared of telling people you’re the one..

I miss it so much when I used to be so happy with you !

Things change . People change . We all get tired of trying .

What we have is something really really special yet so crazzzy . You’re my rock, the one that made me fight and get through all the bs . I gave you my all .

Time flies.. We were just kids in love then and now getting married and all is being talked about, I’m coming to realize now that we are alrdy at that point where we have to stop playing games , be mature and agree on one decision together..

i need this time to think things through.
Ask myself if this is the life I really want . I love you so much you know that! I’m pretty sure half the world knows that !

But I gotta do what’s best, for now..