katjijaelyn is katie calling me up one weekend where there’s a hole in everyone’s schedule and inviting me and Jaehyo to go to the beach with her and Chunji the next day, and telling Jaehyo about it only after I already agreed only to have him immediately start complaining that it’s his day off and he wanted to relax and he most definitely doesn’t want to spend it hanging out with that weird girl and that punk kid who doesn’t laugh at his jokes, but eventually he comes around and agrees to go if only to see me in a bikini - except the next morning as I’m getting ready to go he realizes that I don’t even own a bikini in the first place, and I’m going to the beach dressed in an all-black one-piece that covers up to my neck and I’m wearing board shorts on top of that and he decides to similarly wear a back t-shirt with Navy swim trunks and we look like a couple of dummies who don’t really want to go swimming at all

Twisted || Lara and Jaelyn

[It’s pouring outside. Rain slams against the window panes of the Manor, creating a monotonous drumming that resounds in the sitting room. Many of the patients are tucked away in their rooms, but Lara welcomes the rain. She welcomes the gloom and the grey skies just as much as she welcomes the sight of patients moaning over their deprivation of the sun.

She’s sprawled lazily across one of the sofas, her arms draped over the armrest as she watches the other patients from across the room. They’re whispering wicked little things—most likely about Lara. She relishes the sight.

She’s about to rise to approach them, but falls back into her seat at the sight of an incoming patient. A new girl, a pretty girl, a possible new friend.]

Hello, stranger. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. Did you just get in?

casually reading through katji tag. find conversation with carolyn about taking jaehyo and chunji to a bar and the night ending with us drunk off our asses by ourselves because we ditched them and their annoying asses and them getting kicked out of the bar after we’ve left because they don’t know we’re gone and a bouncer asked to see chunji’s id. everything in life is good.

I’m wearing a dress, a plaid button up tied at my ribs, fishnet stockings, a leather jacket and platform ankle boots just to annoy my girlfriend because we’re at school all day and there’s a class in the room where we hang out and it’s fantastic I can just see the sexual frustration and it’s wonderful