1. First impression: this bein has such a cool blog…
2. Truth is: I LOVE YOU SO MCUH YOURE so caring and have such a positive energy whenever i talk with you and it feels nice
3. How old do you look: 15-16
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES
5. Have you ever made me mad: nooo
6. Best feature: i love ur nose and hair like wtf
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: *
8. You’re my: JAECHAN 
9. Name in my phone: jae (sparkling heart emoji)
10. Should you post this too? sure if u didnt already

anonymous asked:

Omg LOLOLOL your gif had me dying on the floor! XD Jesus christ I didn't expect that but it's so right xD *pedo noonas in the night* And yes I would totally buy that toothpaste just so that I could stare at his perfect smile while brushing my teeth every night XD JaeChan I like that :) I shall now be JRs Gummy Bear - with a JrInMyBag. Which you don't have to type though XD I always imagined having a little Jr in my bag - my little Jr minion :3 Hihi I'm gonna think of a good scenario now mwahah

kekekeke~ right? I really enjoy that gif XD bwahahhaha Pedo noonas. It’ll be a club :P you me and … whoever else decides to join the pedo noona club XD [send an inbox if you want to join our club ;)] Hmm~ Yes you’ll be JRs Gummy Bear :P lolol I can picture you carrying around a little Jr minion (even though idk what you look like xD) oouu scenario time? yesh~ :D


Lol so if you decide to message me randomly one day just add JRs gummy bear or JGB at the end so I know I’m talking to you :P for now i already know its you lol