... I'm telling you man, I have all the answers

Well, I was walking home today and this knob I used to go to High school with comes out of nowhere like some sort of Cheetah shit and corners me. Anyways, we talked (he wouldn’t let me go). This guy used to be a huge Homophobe who beat the shit out of any guy who didn’t play football or did anything a “real man” would not do. Well he’s got a boyfriend now and is training to become a professional dancer.

This is just more proof for my “homophobes are closeted homosexuals” theory…

The evidence is piling up guys..

Name: nicoliveson
Birthday: Febuary 21st

Gender: Male
Orientation: Cis

Favorite color: Red
Time and date at current moment: December 11th, 10:07 AM

Average hours of sleep: 6-7
Lucky Number: Maybe 3?
Last thing I googled: ’pandora’

First word that comes to mind: Roast….?

One place that makes me happy: The CSU Chico College Radio station.

How many blankets I sleep under: 2
Favorite Fictional Character: Tough one…maybe Forrest Gump?
Book: The Boy in the Stripped Pyjamas
Anime: Probably Trigun
TV show: Breaking Bad
Favorite Beverage: Not-Iced Tea Iced Tea

Favorite Food: Pizza

Last movie I’ve seen in cinemas: Big Hero 6

Dream Holiday: I’d like to go back to France at some point.
Wedding: With a band at least.
Dream Job: Probably playing in a band and playing shows. I’d like that.

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