As if that post got more than 3 notes, y’all are the bomb. If I had a gif of a 60+ person hug, I would’ve used it here. This is the most undeserved congratulations I’ve ever received haha but thanks guys!

jadeariel: I’ve never been either! Hopefully it won’t be the last.

musings-of-the-odd: I’ll certainly be trying. I better be here on Sept 5 with some kind of proof that I met him haha

lostinthepsychward: I don’t even know how I made it to hero status but I’LL TAKE IT!

tardisyouoldcow: Free! You just need to catch them on the site when they become available. I wouldn’t have got tickets if Meg wasn’t looking out for me.

paildinello: It’s going to be a glorious night ❤

kronoskingofmonkeypeople: Meg was a sweetheart and alerted me that tickets were made available!

baddayzombie said:

1. Would you rather be a Moroi, Dhampir, Strigoi, or Alchemist, and why?

a moroi, probably. royal moroi. idk it’s really just most suited to me, since i love the daylight so strigoi is out, and i can’t kick, punch, hit, slap, or fight to save my life so dhamhpir’s out too uhm and alchemist’s have that tattoo right? i don’t want that either. xD SO MOROI IT IS~

i’m a moroi princess, tyvm. xD