This year’s Relay for Life, I decided to participate in the Luminaria ceremony, which is essentially a line of decorated white bags in which lights are put into; you would get aisles of glowing bags when the lights are turned off. I wanted to participate to remember my aunt who passed away last year. She was someone very close and dear to me. I remember every Christmas and summer when Brianna, Stephanie, and I would go up to Connecticut and she would throw these amazing dinner parties, birthday parties, and family outings. Her children also happen to be some of my best friends. R.I.P. you will be missed <3

The other reason was to support my grandfather, who had found a tumor in his bladder. This man raised me, slipped me money when I didn’t notice, and was always there for me. Luckily, he recently had surgery and removed the tumor. We will always love you gramps <3

Take the time to appreciate your family member and also, help support the fight against cancer everywhere!

when I’m bored, I like to paint, sculpt, decorate whatever is near me. I used to have a bunch of these customizable Munny dolls and this particular one was supposed to be a Jigglypuff (see that squiggly thing on its head I made out of clay?). Unfortunately, my common sense fails me sometimes and when I proceeded to bake the Munny at a WAY TOO HIGH TEMPERATURE, the head melted. I didn’t want to just throw it away so I decided to turn it into a dessert mascot. The melted head was a perfect basket to hold my fruits and chocolate. The squiggly thing and arms turned into whipped cream, and its standing on a chocolate bar.

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local Brooklyn food at Anapoli Ice Cream Parlor and Family Restaurant.

This place has been opened for 115 years, and its 3 blocks from my apartment. The things you stumble upon…

pictured: chicken salad sandwich with bacon, cole slaw, and a pickle. fish and chips. me with my food and malt ice cream shake. sister with her vanilla icecream soda.