TEDIOUS! THIS IS NOT A HORROR FILM! A very interesting film with a modern twist, which I strongly did not like. Centered around a group of online chat room friends find themselves haunted by a mysterious, supernatural force using the account of their dead friend. I got the meaning of this movie: Don’t be a cyber bully, that was alright, but the rest of this movie was a big let down, not that I had any expectations about it. The story being told in real time was good, the acting was actually on point, but it was just so tedious and drags and drags and it wasn’t even a long movie. This is a scary movie with nothing scary about it, that was better off going straight to DVD! While watching this movie, I just wanted to jump into and kill them all and end the movie. But I like how they also tried to come at us from a different angle within this genre style, but in the end for me it’s 👎🏾 NOT WORTH IT 👎🏾 REVENGE COMES ONLINE! #Unfriended #HeatherSossaman #ShelleyHenning #MosesStorm #CourtneyHalverson #WillPeltz #ReneeOlstead #JacobWysocki