I’m not a fan of Madison at all but can we talk about this gif for a second.

Like she’s looking at him before he looked at her. So she might actually legit like Gilinsky. We may not like her but Jack is having a good time with her, and sadly we might actually have to let our little secret grow up. And if she hurts him… 1. She has a big storm coming 2. That’s life. He’s a big boy and will get over it

Now can we get over this constant hate on Madison & focus on Jack and Jack

imma bout to lose it

guys I want to do #roastofjackgilinsky 😂 so send me in anything about jack! let’s see who can flame him the best. (make sure to use the hashtag)
You're So Gay - Jonnor FanFic

"That movie was so good." Connor said, his smile stretching fifty feet.

"Yeah my favorite part was when… When the, uh." Jude tried to remember what happened during the the movie.

"You weren’t listening, were you?" Connor laughed.

"Well I was kind of distracted." Jude said, accusingly.

"By what?" Connor asked with an innocent tone.

"Shut up, you know exactly what you did." Jude said, playfully punching Connor.

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