But guys remember when 

Imagine...(Part 2)

" Hey Cameron." I said, not making eye contact.


He looked at me surprised. I mean, when we were dating I barely called him Cameron. I would call him Cam or babe or whatever.

" Look Kylie- "

" Uhh you left this." I said cutting him off.

I took off the necklace Cameron gave me when he asked me to be his girlfriend while we were at Magcon.

I sniffled, tears forming in my eyes.

" I don’t know why I keep wearing it." I laughed to myself, holding back the tears.

" Kylie, I still-"

" Um where’s Nash? " I asked.

He sighed. ” Upstairs. “

I walked past him and went up to Nash’s room.

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

In the room, there was Nash, Hayes, Taylor, Jacob, Mahogany, Carter, Matt, and Shawn.

" Kyls!" Nash yelled.

I smiled and hugged him.

Nash was legit my best friend, well one of my best friends.

" Hi Hayes." I said giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Hayes was like my little brother.

" Well if it isn’t my favorite side hoe." said Taylor.

I rolled me eyes and pulled him into a tight hug, Taylor was like the most annoying yet cheeky brother to me, but he would always have my back. 

" Hiya Jacob. "

" Hayy bestfrandd."

I giggled and gave him a long hug. Jacob was more of a sweet yet comforting brother.


" KYLIE!!!"

We hugged each other for quite a long time, I mean cm’on she’s like my sister.

" Cartahhh."

" Kylayyy "

I laughed then jumped in his arms, then wrapped my legs around his torso. Me and Carter have the weirdest friendship which makes us closer than ever. He put me down and I turned to Matt.

" Look at my cute lil dinosaur, Matt." I said pinching his cheeks.

" STAHP." he exclaimed and pulled me into a tight hug. Matt was the kind of friend that acted so much like a brother to me that I’d forget he was just a friend.

" Shawn!"

" Babyy! "

i blushed then he grabbed my waist and spun me around.

" Shawnn!! " I yelled while laughing.

He put me down and blushed.

" Got it, here Shawn. " Nash said, handing Shawn his phone.

Shawn stared down at his phone and smiled. I looked at him confused.

At that moment i got a notification from Vine.

I unlocked my phone and Vine popped up, revealing a vine of Shawn picking me up and spinning around.




i blushed.

" Are we gonna start filming … or nahhh?" Nash asked.

" Uhh yeah, of course. What are we doing?"

" The girlfriend does my makeup tag." he replied with a smirk.

" Nash I’m not you’re-"

" Chill Kyl, I know, its supposed to be a joke, the fans will get it."

I sighed. 

" If you say so…"


" Hey guys today I’m doing the girlfriend does my makeup tag and if you don’t already know, this is my beautiful girlfriend, Kylie." Nash said while filming, gesturing over to me.


I nodded and covered my mouth to hold back from laughing. ” I’m sorry.”

" For what, babe?" Nash said, biting his lip, looking at me as if he was about to laugh.

All of sudden we bursted into laugher.


" Should we cut that out or just keep going?" I asked.

" Nah, let’s just keep going. Okay time to get started." Nash said.

" Okay I’m going to start with the foundation.’ I told Mahogany.

She nodded and handed me the foundation.

I starting putting on the foundation then Nash pulled me into his lap. I smiled and continued.


Once I finished the foundation, I covered my mouth to hold back the laughter, and so did everyone else.

" This is definitely not your tone." I giggled.


I finally finished putting makeup on Nash and it looked pretty decent.

I laughed. ” You ready Nashty?”

He nodded. ” Yep.”

I gave him a mirror Taylor gave me and laughed so hard at his reaction.

" I look like freakin girl, but you’re laugh is so adorable." Nash said causing me to blush.

"Nashh…." I hid my face in his chest.

" Okay guys! That’s all for today! comment , like subscribe. Subscribe to my girlfriend, Kylie too on her channel, also, our social media links will be down below. So yeah, see you guys next time." Nash quickly gave me a kiss on the cheek and ended the video.

" Time to edit the shit out of this video." Nash added.

" Can I watch?" I asked.

" Yeah of course."


I was scrolling through Twitter because I got bored watching Nash edit.

@ Nashgrier: Editing a video i just did with @ KylieValdez

@ KianLawley; Missing you…@ KylieValdez

@ ShawnMendes: Got to see my baby today. @ KylieValdez

@ camerondallas: Seeing you again makes me realizes that I still love you..

Cameron. He still loves me…

Part 3?



26mgmt/Magcon Preferences: His favourite summer outfit on you!

1.) Aaron Carpenter

2.) Matthew Espinosa

3.) Cameron Dallas

4.) Jack Johnson

5.) Jack Gilinsky

6.) Carter Reynolds

7.) Hayes Grier

8.) Nash Grier

9.) Jacob Whitesides

10.) Shawn Mendes

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