I’m Karisma a.k.a @killakizzy. Hi, nice to meet you 😊👋

I was supposed to post this on my 20th bday (Nov 21st) bc I’am VERY PROUD of myself but I forgot

Why am I so proud? Well simply bc I made it into my 20’s still being a virgin. Yess I’m still a fuckin virgin! 👏👏

When I was 14yrs old I made myself a promise that I wouldnt have sex as a teen. Why? Bc my sister had just had her 1st baby at the age of 16. My father was extremely hurt. Therefore I didn’t want to cause that same pain on my parents

Now this journey definitely hasn’t been a easy one.

Guys would try to pressure me into fuckin, wouldn’t date me bc of my virginity, give me ultimatums, stop talkin to me after they realized they couldn’t change my mind and ect. So unfortunately I’ve never had a boyfriend before. 😅😬

Girls would laugh at me, wouldn’t hang out with me bc I’m “boring”, try to pressure me by sayin I’m missing out on a lot, and just make me feel like shit for being in high school and not having sex. They made me kinda ashamed of it tbh. Therefore I didn’t have any friends. Thus the reason I hate females.
(Fuck y’all, fuckin jerks)

No matter what I still stuck to my guns thooo 💪🔫 . And now I can finally say NIGGA I MADE IT👏👏🍒🔒💁

So to my young teens out there, it’s okay and VERY possible to wait till YOU are ready. Dont let anyone force you into doing anything that you dont want to do. 💯
Jacob Latimore Interview: Hitting the studio with Justin Bieber


When Latimore stopped by PopCrush, he sat down with us and opened up about hitting the studio with Justin Bieber and much more. Check out the interview below


Int: Speaking of the music video, we saw on your Facebook the other day that Justin Bieber surprised you while filming.

Jacob Latimore: He did. Yeah, he did stop by. It was crazy. I texted him, and then he didn’t text me back, and I was like, “Ah, it’s getting late, he’s not coming,” and then I guess a few people on my team were like [whispers], “Don’t tell him, don’t tell him.” And he just arrived. It was crazy. He watched me doing my thing. It was dope.

Int: That’s awesome. So were you really surprised to see him?

Jacob Latimore: Of course! Yeah, I saw him the night before at the studio, we were just chillin’, and I played the record for him. He was like, “It better be dope. If it’s not dope, I’m gonna tell you.” And I’m like, “Aw, no!” I was worried about it, because if he didn’t like the song, I’m gonna be depressed at the video shoot tomorrow. I’m gonna be like, “[Sigh] Bieber don’t like the song.” He ended up liking it, came to the shoot, showed love, so it was cool.

Int: Did he give you any advice?

Jacob Latimore: He encouraged me to write more music. I’ve been getting into that right now and just getting really into my own music and writing and stuff like that. He was giving me good advice on how to start writing, just start writing it down, and just write what you feel.

Int: You’ve talked about wanting to collaborate with him before. Did you work on any songs together in the studio?

Jacob Latimore: Nah, well, he played a few records for me to see what I liked. I kind of told him what direction I was going… We gonna work soon, we gonna work soon. It’s just a matter of time. 

Source: PopCrush