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Jack White’s video for “Would You Fight For My Love” was conceived and created within 24 hours. Check it out here:

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anonymous said:

Hey this is jackwhitelove. I went on anon because when I ask questions it shows up as my personal blog and I want to keep that private. :) Also, lyric interpretation is cool and all but jackwhitesturntable's interpretation has gained so much traction it is dangerously close to becoming rumor. Have you noticed how many people think her interpretation is very likely? Meg is an incredibly private person and I imagine she has left the public eye to avoid speculation of this kind.

alright, so my recommendation is to say that. logically. coolly. civilly. just like you just did to me. I think what you’re saying makes sense. it doesn’t even matter, though. the whole point I’m making is there was no need to be mean about it. and I don’t think there was any reason to drag the people who believed it into it. you disagree with them, but that doesn’t mean that they didn’t think just as much about the interpretation as you did. they just arrived at a different conclusion for one reason or another. like… it’s not like just because someone might believe something — or is even reblogging it because it’s relevant to their interests and they think it’s worth noting — doesn’t mean they’re being gullible or don’t bother thinking or don’t care about meg or something. do you see what I’m saying?