jackthebrindlebulldog asked:

Do you like Southern food? What is it even?

I like some Southern food.  Other stuff I’m not a fan of.  Southern food is a huge thing that I don’t really think about a lot because I’ve been here my whole life.  It’s just food to me.

Grits are awesome.  Fried chicken is a pretty Southern thing.  I love that. Sweet tea is great.  

Funny story about Sweet tea.  When I moved to Pennsylvania, we went out to eat that evening and when the waitress asked me what I wanted, I said “Sweet tea.”  She replied, “We have iced tea.”  I never thought of it as a regional thing.  

I like greens with ham hock and pepper sauce. Good stuff.  Cracklin’ cornbread is pretty boss.  Cat head biscuits and gravy are awesome.  Cabbage and bacon is good.  Cornbread dressing on the holidays.  (No stuffing.)

Not a fan of chitlins.  Or buttermilk and cornbread. (Though I don’t mind my cornbread made with buttermilk.)  Buttermilk and cornbread is something my mom ate a lot when she was growing up.  You pour a glass of buttermilk and crumble cornbread in the glass and eat it with a spoon.  It’s usually served with a green onion.  I don’t care for chicken gizzards.  Or any of the organs that some people down here eat.  Like chicken livers or hearts.  I generally don’t do much organ grubbing.

I could go on..