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The specimen pictured here is a rare form of bladder stone known as a jackstone. This variety is referred to as a “jack” stone because of its resemblance to the metal objects in the children’s game, Jacks. Jackstones occur most often in the urinary bladder and less frequently in the upper urinary tract. These stones are often composed of calcium oxalate, and they form in the crevices and trabeculations of the urinary bladder. As they grow, new minerals deposit on the irregular shape, forming larger and larger spicules.

(text via Figure 1 - photo via jhiland317RN)

Something New: Makeup Haul


Here’s something interesting, I bought a few makeups for myself even though I don’t really use makeups very often. My sister kept telling me before to buy her a red matte lipstick even though she’s more boyish than me. Anyway, I told her to wait for our birthday so that we can have the budget to buy her own matte lipstick.

1. Mascara Volumizer (PHP 85) - So on our birthday which is also school day, I got the chance to visit Fortunes mart near our school to buy a pillow for my fabdes class. My friends and I roamed a bit and we saw tons of flower crowns and affordable mascaras and long lasting lipsticks. My friends ended up buying makeups and jackstones while I ended up buying two flower crowns, this mascara and this

2. Chanlēevi, lasting finish and intense wearing lipstick (PHP 65) - this is actually my favourite because of its colour. I know buying cheap makeup is dangerous but these products works really well for me.

3. Ultra curl mascara, Hint of colour (cherry flavoured gloss), High Shine gloss (pink and nude colour) love & beauty by Forever21 - After my birthday dinner, Anjanette and I went to forever21 to shop some clothes. I took half of my time on their makeups because I know my sister and my mom can handle all the clothes.

4. Revlon Matte Colorburst, Matte Balm - I did find some matte lipsticks at Forever21, but I didn’t find any colour that my sister like. I went to the department store (Moa) and went to Revlon. I asked the saleslady for the lipstick and she gave me two kinds, the Revlon Just Bitten Lipstain and the Colorburst. I fell in love with both of the products! I decided to buy both and give the Just Bitten Lipstain to my sister.

When I first tried the Revlon Matte Balm, I feel like I’m wearing the same lipstick that Kylie Jenner is currently using. My lips became fuller! Not complaining tho, it looks good anyways.

Noon at Ngayon

Noong hindi pa ako tumutuntong ng college wala akong ibang iniisip kung hindi ang mga tv shows na inaabangan ko araw araw, mga anime na pinapanood ko, mga Korean novela na pinagpupuyatan, mga posters na pinag iipunan mabili lang, mga Japanese songs na ipinapaburn pa, mga pc games na hindi tinigilan, yung crush ko na iba iba araw araw, ang pag lalaro ko ng red dog, pag chi-cheer sa mga naglalaro kapag may jackstone tournament sa room, pinagchi-chismisan ang mga may love life, gayahin ang mga teachers na may mannerisms, makipagkulitan sa mga baliw na classmates, wala ng review review pag exams sigurado pasado, walang pakealam sa love life (dahil ka-cheapan lang yon) at marami pang iba.

Ngayong college na ako, ni hindi na ako nakakapanood ng mga news programs, puyat (madalas dahil sa kaiisip sa love life/ love life problems), nagiging dramatic actress, laging stress, laging walang pera kaka-mcdo, nag review na bagsak pa rin, nabawasan ang social life, hindi na nakakapaglaro, walang pambili ng mga posters, outdated sa new songs and shows, hindi na nakakapag movie marathon, lumaki pa lalo ang mga eye bags, lutang at marami pang iba.

Yan ang difference ng noon at ngayon ko. Hahaha.


He Finally Shaved hahaha