Hi, my name is Jackson Nieuwland. This year I plan to curate, edit, and publish a print book of writing and visual art titled LEFT. This book will be the first in an annual series.

I will be assessed on the planning of this project for the Creative Enterprise course that I am taking this year, but this is not just something that I am doing for school. I have been thinking about this for a long time and plan to continue with it after I finish my degree.

With this tumblr I hope to make the process of creating LEFT as transparent as possible. I have never undertaken a project like this before. I don’t really know what I’m doing and I have a lot to learn. This will be a journey for me and I would like you to be able to come along on it with me.

LEFT is not a money making endeavor. One of my goals is to recoup my initial investment so that I can use those funds to publish another collection next year, but producing a quality product is a higher priority for me. LEFT will be funded by the Course Related Costs portion of my student loan. This sets a cap on the budget at $1000. I am committed to paying my contributors. At this point I will only be able to afford a small sum, I’m guessing around $10.

For the foreseeable future LEFT will be a one man operation. This means that the contents of LEFT will be determined solely by my taste as a reader (I will detail the sort of work that excites me in a future post, but if you are interested in getting a better idea right away you could browse my blog Fuck I Love Poetry). That being said, I am not going to try to disconnect the art from the artist. I don’t want to ignore the cultural context that this work is coming from. I don’t just want to publish privileged white dudes. Setting strict ratios for the demographics of contributors I choose to publish in LEFT doesn’t seem very useful to me at the moment, but equal representation is an important concern for me.

I expect to publish around 20 people in LEFT. Some of these people will probably be my friends. I don’t view this as conflict of interests. With many of these people I was a fan of their writing before I got to know them as friends. I also have friends who are writers who will not be included because their work doesn’t fit the aesthetic I’m aiming for. Some of the contributors will be solicited, but if I ask someone to send me work I will not necessarily include it in the publication. In addition to soliciting work LEFT is also open for submissions. Send work to jacksonisleft@gmail.com at any time. Also feel free to email that address if you have any questions about this project or if you want to chat.

Thank you for reading this long ass post. I love you.

i feel this 100% and i’ve tried to express it, more clumsily, elsewhere. i live to build comunity and shared memes, but also–the comunity is richest when individuals manage to create their own distinct “thing"s within that. mainly i love people, and i think the more aggressive, immediate, and visual diferences in the work allow me to more quickly and viscerally appreciate what is unique abotu each person.. to me this is "personal branding,” and thhat is why i love personal branding: because i love people. also i want to say, jackson nieuwland’s facebook activity shoud be included on this list!! if you dont know what im talking about, add jackson nieuwland on facebook!!!

My brain is full of bullets

I lie down in a pile of leaves.
You climb a mountain.
You build a house of snow.
I put newspaper in the fire place.
We swordfight with icicles.
We dance with a crowd of trees.
The crowd leaves.
A crown rattles on the ground.
You pick it up.
No you pick it up.
You trip over a stone.
I kick the stone
I hurt my toe.
We have no shoes.
There is a horizon in the distance.
We run away.
I dig a hole and find water.
You dig a hole and find a key.
I am jealous.
I lock my door.
A bird flies in the window.
I sing.
There is a knock on the door.
I fly out the window.
I climb a ladder.
I find a cave.
I search the bookcase.
I look you up in the dictionary.
I follow the signs.
I get lost in the suburbs.
I hear your voice.
I hear a chainsaw.
Where did you get a chainsaw?
There is a tiger behind you.
We pirouette.
We crawl under the blankets.
You tell me a story.
You open an envelope.
I cook dinner.
I cut my hand.
The doctor is in a wheelchair.
We run down the stairs.
I carry you over my shoulder.
There is a solar eclipse.
I can’t think.
You are going blind.
I buy you a parrot.
You buy me a llama.
It rains.
We get in a boat.
There is a trapdoor.
It is a trap.
We are surrounded by bandits.
We hire a lawyer.
There is a fire.
I smell the flowers.
The garden is overgrown.
You take me shopping.
We are poor.
We eat porridge.
The baker is robbed.
We butcher the butcher.
We drink shots.
There is a gunshot.
You tell me everything is going to be alright.
No you tell me everything is going to be alright.
The stars come out.
We stay in.
I throw you a surprise party.
I wake up.
You are hung over a branch.
You wash the dishes.
You call me.
The phone rings itself silent.
The tunnel echoes.
I learn to balance a check book.
I kiss you in the head.
I find a gun.
I use it.
We bump into each other.
We chat.
There are spider webs in the closet.
The mailbox is full.
The hotel is expensive.
You gamble the house away.
I count the corpses.
I pace in circles.
We love each other very much.
I think you’re crying.
You swim.
I wave.
No one stops.
I ride in the back of a van.
My watch is fast.
My blood pressure is low.
You vomit.
We paint each other.
You play chess.
I get my masters.
I drive.
I stay in bed.
You jump off a cliff.
I catch you.
I have a heart attack.
You stroke my cheek.
We reminisce.
You light incense.
You lose interest.
I get a job at the bank.
I get a promotion.
I buy you a pink bow.
You tie my hands.
I lick my teeth.
There is a war.
We hire a maid.
You have an affair.
A child knocks on the door.
A punch knocks me to my feet.
I kneel.
You give a standing ovation.
You sew a tuxedo.
I beg.
We are homeless.
We find a wallet.
You change your mind.
I wait.
There is an explosion.
I can’t find my glasses.
We go camping.
You give me a gift.
I give you an earful.
We hold our breath.
You roll over.
I row upstream.
The steam train is full.
We raise the draw bridge.
There is a drought.
You catch a cold.
You juggle.
I pass out.
You pass out plates.
We do yoga.
We take a bath.
I take a break.
The bike has no breaks.
The machine malfunctions.
You volunteer for an experiment.
The magician saws me in half.
You have a fit.
My hat blows away.
I go bald.
I polish an apple.
There are worms between your toes.
You sit down.
You won’t move.
I leave you alone.
You steal a statue.
You sign my cast.
We sit in the fountain.
We wash our hair.
I shave your legs.
You break a sweat.
You bake brownies.
We disagree.
I kick a balloon.
You have a migraine.
I wear knee pads.
You tell me to calm down.
We embrace.
You chip your tooth.
I teach you the rules.
I sink into quicksand.
You wait for high tide.
I weigh myself.
You lift weights.
You oil the hinges.
I keep secrets.
I keep a diary.
I keep repeating myself.
We massage each other.
We dry our hands.
All the towels are wet.
It is cold inside.
You give me your coat.
I blink.
I miss you.
You hit me.
You break my ribs.
I go vegetarian.
You go hunting.
I find a skeleton.
We go to the graveyard.
We say our prayers.
There is an earthquake.
I feel sorry for you.
You smile.
I take off my clothes.
I remember your name




Jackson Nieuwland sent a video response to the interview questions I asked him!


(here are my favorite quotes from Jackson)


“I have more friends in America probably than I have New Zealand […] America is where my social life is. America and the Internet”

“I really wanted to be a rapper. You know, I’d be listening to so many raps”

“Writing is just so much fun. It’s magic”

“I’ve tried to be a professional basketball player”

“I love to put words together. I love words. […] It’s just fun”

“You know, I’ve been thinking recently that writing is two modes. It’s either a form of escape or something you relate to. And I’m more interested in the escape, I think. The magic. The unreal. But at the same time, I do like the relateable stuff. And Sam Pink is great for that, and he’s also a bit fucked up [laughs] which is a bit of the other side I think”

“Nothing is perfect, but everything is fantastic. […] I just want to see the fantastic in everything”

“People say, ‘Ugh, why would you want to be happy all the time. You get so bored’. But when you’re happy, you’re not bored. Like, you’re just happy”

“I’m at a much better place at the moment, and I feel like that’s because of my relentless positivity”

I guest edited/curated this month’s issue of ƒault.

ƒault is pretty much exactly what I want from an online journal, which is content and presentation that could only exist online.

I kept this in mind when coming up with the concept for my issue: Scroll.

I wanted writing that wouldn’t fit on a physical page.

We scroll everyday on the internet. I want to make readers consider that and writers consider how they could work with that and make that work for them.

I think I achieved this.

I didn’t receive many submissions (this makes sense, it was a hard brief to write for and the contributors had less than a month to get something together).

Out of the 16 submissions I received, I ended up publishing 9 pieces, only one of which was solicited.

The final lineup includes work by Bob Schofield, Jay Snodgrass, Shaun Gannon, DJ Berndt, Penny Goring, Daniel Golding, Max Trevor Thomas Edmond, Patrick Steadman, Evan Hatch, Shane Jesse Christmas, Dan Hogan, and Benjamin King.

Thank you to everyone who submitted.

There is a lot of raw energy in this issue and I hope it gets some people excited.

LEFT will be more refined and polished than Scroll but I think Scroll should give people a good idea of the type of energy and creativity I’m looking for with LEFT.

Another place where people can see an example of my publishing sensibility is UP, which I edit with Carolyn DeCarlo.

Huge thanks to Caden Lovelace, for letting me be a part of ƒault.

Updates from tNY Press: theEEEL Reborn and a Little Magazine Called LEFT by Megan Willoughby


tNY Creative Pairs With LEFT

We’ve signed a contract to work with Jackson Nieuwland on his new magazine called LEFT.

This is an exciting opportunity for us. LEFT has been looking for a design team for some time, and we’re honored to be part of its production. We will show you samples in the coming weeks.

LEFT features writing from tons of new and seasoned writers.

Visit the website for a comprehensive list and more information.

Due out sometime this summer.

We Gave theEEEL a Facelift

The old website was a little funky, right? Your grandma probably wouldn’t have been able to find a thing. Because we care about you and your grandma, we changed the design.

Give it a whirl, then let us know what you think.

Finish the story: http://theeeel.com/theeeel-reborn-magazine-called-left/
64.0-73.0 :: 'twilight zone' by jackson nieuwland & carolyn decarlo

‘twilight zone’ by jakcson nieuwland & carolyn decarlo // nap, 2013


jackson & carolyn are in a 'romantic’ relationship

they live in new zealand (she’s originally from the US, i think?)

i can imagine them in the process of writing this book underneath a very 'homey’ 'comforter’ w/ their backs against the bedframe & their legs stretched out on the bed passing their laptops to each other or perhaps huddled around 1 laptop

i can imagine them in some hip park sitting on swings but not swinging, passing jackson’s clunky notebook he started using at the cusp of this year while little kids walk by & think 'damn that guy is tall’ then walk closer & realize they want to hug him as a woman pushing a babystroller on the sidewalk in the distance says 'aw’ when she sees jackson & carolyn


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Twilight Zone by Jackson Nieuwland and Carolyn DeCarlo

                ‘Twilight Zone’ is a good thing for a NAP. Sleeping with the lights on is lame. Jackson Nieuwland and Carolyn DeCarlo keep it pretty spooky. Anybody who lets a journey begin in a little doll clearly knows how to get their ‘fright on’. Waking up in a tiny dollhouse is terrifying. Sometimes it can be funny like with the hit comedy ‘Honey I shrunk the Kids’. Not in this case this is scary. Jackson and Carolyn need to add that age-old mantra ‘Reader Beware You’re in for a Scare!’ This devilish duo delivers.

                In the beginning there is a spooky, borderline ooky room. No windows no doors it is life as the Sims. This is a tough life to lead. Most of the Sims life comes from a real person sacrificing theirs. Only through the power of sacrifice can a pre-generated digital fictional character get the chance to play house. For this devilish duo there are no pleasantries, no attempts at playing guitar. A strict diet is established for the reader. Depending on the color of the sky there’s either French Toast (quite yummy) or self-imposed isolation (considerably less yummy). 

                Severed fingers make for poor pens. If it is raining ink then the ink could be collected for future finger-painting endeavors. This practical solution is unfortunately not explored further. Instead there’s a gradual descent into a gold mine. Yes mines do grow the more that is taken away. For further examples there’s the sad country of Nauru whose heart was mined away revealing an empty shell. Due to the heat given off by the cratered core rain doesn’t come there anymore, not even ink rain. 

                Ghosts create new life. When two ghosts like each other very much they can pro-create to raise ‘ghost babies’ who will later grow up to be ‘ghost children’. Real living children to try fool their parents much later that they too are ghosts. This is a trick to get free candy from strangers. Obviously it is a complete success. People are so foolish. Many of those trick-or-treaters are living children. A few are ghost children trying to get 3 Musketeers for their parents, since ghost children aren’t found of that confectionery treat. Even among the living children they disappear underneath that ghost apparel into a sugar-filled binge. 

                Red tubes are a part of McDonalds. One must be careful when traveling around the McDonalds red tube. There are vile things going on at McDonalds. Spirits of a deformed disfigured clown roam around looking for young children to feed upon. Ball pits are little safer thanks to the primary weapon of balls and loose change. However there are plenty of holes to disappear into for this wretched place, sky holes, black holes, even the occasional cave. 

                Finally from the darkness comes light. Public pools are full of light. There are beautiful bodies at the pool. Carolyn watches one boy in particular, Max Sanders. His features are majestic. Obviously everyone loves this sculpted beauty of a boy. A moment passes where the pure perfection of Max Sanders face sets upon lovely Carolyn DeCarlo. Gleefully she drops her book. Unfortunately the beautiful one is taken away from her. However Carolyn was able to find a better person than Max, the gentle giant named Jackson Nieuwland.

have u seen my whale day

the whale is back !!

issue #6 is here !! : http://haveuseenmywhale6.tumblr.com/

husmw is one of my fav lit journals, I like what they’re about in a lot of different ways

selections from all 6 issues, featuring stories and poems by:

Crispin Best
Sarah Jean Alexander
Guillaume Morissette
Jackson Nieuwland
Natalie Chin
Socrates Adams
Michael Hessel-Mial
Paige Gresty
Russ Woods
Dave Shaw
Justin Carter
Angela Shier
Marcus Slease




In addition to continuing my work on LEFT I will also be guest editing the May issue of ƒault.

The May issue is titled Scroll. The main difference between LEFT and Scroll is that Scroll is online and therefore I am looking for writing that could only exist online, not limited by a physical page. I want someone to send me a poem in such a big font that i have to scroll around just to figure out what each letter is. I want someone to send me a 2000 word story that is just one line that have have to keep horizontally scrolling along. I want a maze. I want a map. I want a world.