#94: what HE misses about YOU when he's away.

comment: this is version one. version two: “what YOU miss about HIM when he’s away.”

Mark: He misses having you there with him, by his side, listening to all of his problems and all of his concerns. Everything he kept inside, he told to you. “The phone’s not enough,” he says quietly into the receiver. “I know,” you say, automatically knowing he was upset, “But it’ll do for now, Mark.” He sighs heavily. “Just want you here instead,” he says, “Just miss you. A lot.” 

Jr: He misses teasing you because you’d just tease him right back. He needed someone who could keep up with him, and that was you. “Ah, the boys are being boring,” he says one night. You giggle. “I’m sure they’re just fine,” you say, “I’m pretty sure they’re also just sick of your lame jokes.” He laughs for the first time in a while. He could always laugh with you… “Yeah, yeah. I’m just sick of not being with you.”

JB: He misses your touch. Holding your hand, whenever you’d move hair out of his face for him, cuddling… anything where your skin would be against his.. He needed you, and being away this long was killing him. “I miss you,” he texts you, grunting as he gets into bed. “Miss you, more,” you reply back and he sighs, running his fingers through his hair. “Liar,” he texts, “You couldn’t possibly miss me as much as I miss you right now.”

Jackson: He misses waking up next to you and everything about it: your messy hair, the droopy eyes, and even your godawful morning breath. Opening his eyes in the morning, he’s half expecting to see you, but he doesn’t. Sighing, he picks up his phone to video call you, praying that you’d answer. And you do. “Babe,” he says, a smile on his face as he sees your messy hair, droopy eyes, and can practically smell your breath from here. “Wish I was there,” he whispers.

BamBam: He misses laughing with you because my God, you guys would laugh at EVERYTHING together. You thought the littlest things were funny, brightening up his day, and his life. But somehow, when you weren’t around, things weren’t as funny anymore. “You’ll be home soon,” you reassure him, and you laugh, seeing something on TV. “And that’s what I miss the most,” he says, chuckling himself.

Youngjae: He just misses you — every little thing about you: your smile, your touch, the way you’d poke his cheeks when he smiled.. he missed everything and wanted — needed — you there with him, but you couldn’t, and that’s what killed him most. “I miss you,” he says into the phone, barely able to keep his voice steady. “Youngjae..” you start, not knowing what to say to keep him from tearing himself apart. But you couldn’t think of anything because you truly felt the same way. “I love you,” you say.  

Yugyeom: He misses your love, the love you’d shower him with, like your little kisses and the way you’d bring him food when he felt sad. He needed the loving from you, especially on tough days like today. “I miss you a lot,” he says, smiling into the phone, just happy to hear your voice. “I miss you, too,” you start. “But I love you more than I miss you,” he adds, “And that’s enough to say I’ll be home soon.”