Am I the only one who ships Jackson/Scott so hard since the last episode ?

I mean :

-Scott standing up for Jackson,

-Scott waiting until there’s no other possibilities for calling the Argents and the Sheriff

-And I don’t know if it’s my crazy shipper heart that makes things up but : Jackson crying ? Is it because Stiles said he’s alone or because he heard someone like Scott actually defending him ? And when the two annoyingly hormonal teens Scott and Allison (which I have a serious girl crush on) started having some sexy time… Did Jackson heard them, is it the reason why he started turning faster, did he get angry or something…?

Anyway no sterek on this episode so maybe I try to compensate with other feelings. It works pretty well… Now I ship Jackscott as well like there’s no tomorrow.


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#20facts about trevmcgrev for @ahtrahddis 1. i am a vegetarian 2. i purposely spell everything with lowercase letter because i write in all capitals 3. my middle name is ryan after nolan ryan 4. i hate when people ask how many tattoos i have 5. i have only been doing yoga for for months 6. i have never broken a bone and i have only ever had one stitch 7. i gave up college baseball to move onto a buddies couch 8. my two year old son is my world. 9. the man who’s shoulder is pictured is @jackscotts and one time we took a two week road trip in which it rained the entire time 10. i love music, but mostly listen to folky bluegrass and classic rock 11. i believe in a thing called love. 12. i find it hard to be serious 13. i enjoy reading, a lot 14. i have an addiction to red bull 15. i hate my nose 16. i like to draw and paint, though i’m terrible at both 17. i believe life. would be easier if we practiced the batter system 18. my goal is to bring communities together 19. i’d like to live in India and Portugal 20. i wrestled a bear once. by trevmcgrev