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Jane and Jack had sex on their first date.

Congratulations on your fornication! I hope you remembered to use protection so we don’t have anymore gay babies.


I made a snowman out of marshmallows, powdered sugar, coffee grounds, and toothpicks…. Snow-Robot-Man! And then he fell… Poor Snow-Robot-Man… Snow-bot found love! Then Snow-bot got dumped… Then Snow-bot got drunk… Snow-bot went NUTS… Then an angel came down to talk to Snow-bot…. The angel told Snow-bot his true love was waiting for him this Christmas… So Snow-bot went on a long journey… Snow-bot trekked through the perilous poinsettia forest… Snow-bot fought off the evil Nutcracker-men in the Cove of Pines… And deep in the Cove of Pine… Snow-bot found his true love, Marsha Mallow. Snow-Bot and Marsha Mallow had a baby and lived happily ever after… until I ate them. All three. THE END. 

-Jackson Rathbone.