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you probs have it on too tight. loosen it a little and if it feels like its slipping get some bobby pins to pin it at the back. if the bandana your talking about is the one from forever21 then idk how to fix that lololol

Ah. xD I was using the blue one, lol. So yeah, I’ll just have to make it a bit looser. I only have one bobby pin, lol. :c I have to go out and get more. xD

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that sounds exciting. I need a picture ASAP! We’re chilling next week right???

Indeed, we’re definitely gonna chill next week. :3 I’ll post a picture tomorrow cuz I’ll finally be back home and I’ll have wifi again. ;D I want to learn how to do victory curls/rolls… Forgot what they were called. XD BUT I MUST LEARN. Btw. Any tips for the bandana? It hurts my head. Lmfao. I dunno if it’s on too tight or if my head is just sensitive. 

I'm so bored.

I need something to do~ I was working on my promo poster for a comic I’m working on, but my stupid internet isn’t working on my computer~ So I’m stuck on my ipod. -_- Bleh. I’ll draw more Sapphires stuff tomorrow. Though I’m happy to say it’s coming along well!~ c: