This is Mel temporarily taking over Sam’s blog as her piece-of-crap, dinosaur laptop is being fixed or whatever. This blog will continue to be updated, but until then it’ll me updating and stuff. Sam might go on through her app, but apparently, that sucks or whatever. So, it will probably mostly be me. Mwahaha. >:)

Okay, you may all continue reblogging and stuff.


dearestiel said:

Hi baby doll


1. First impression: Yourblog was wonderful and for the longest time you basically refused to follow me…idk why……. :P
2. Truth is: you really have to stop losing your webcam
3. How old do you look: 15-16
4. Have you ever made me laugh: YES!
5. Have you ever made me mad: Nope!
6. Best feature: Your smile heheehehehe :)
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: Nahhh
8. You’re my: amazing friend
9. Name in my phone: Your name
10. Should you post this too?If you want to ahaha

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tagged by Lizzie

1. Do you art?

Yes I art, but it’s boring and I don’t like showing it to people.

2. Have you ever been to London?

No, but I plan to go there at some point.

3. Favorite band?

Right now, I’m obsessed with the cab.

4. Have you heard of Lindsey Stirling?


5. What is your sexual orientation?


6. What is your favorite ship?


7. If it wasn’t taken, what URL would you want to have?

None, because my url is already perfect.

8. Marvel or DC?

Kind of a tie, cuz I’m more familiar with Marvel heroes, but DC has mo’fucking BATMAN.

9. What colour are your eyes?


10. Who are your male and female celebrity crushes?

Jared Padelecki, and Cote de Pablo cuz she’s a goddess.

11. What is something about the same and opposite sex that bothers you so much you want to kill them?

Kind of hard to say, cuz everyone’s different and no one fits into gender stereotypes perfectly. I’m gonna say I don’t like guys who feel the need to show off their “manliness” all the time by picking fights with other guys.  Also, I don’t like girls who crave attention all the time. Obviously, none of this applies to ALL guys and girls, just some of the ones I know.

My Questions:

1. Are you good with photoshop?

2. When and why did you join tumblr?

3. Do your real life friends know about your tumblr?

4. Any weird talents?

5. Do you have/want any tattoos?

6. What was your first fandom?

7. Favorite thing about yourself?

8. If you could have any pet in the world, what would it be?

9. Most recent movie you’ve watched and did you like it?

10. What show has made you cry the most? What episode?

11. Favorite character from a TV show? Movie? Book?

seareduntohishearts-tobedeleted said:

jerusalembells and jackievance :PP

jerusalembells: Your blog is definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen and your edits and gifs are amazing and you’re sweet and you’re amazing and funny and your URL is awesome and I forgive you for constantly changing your theme and sidebar image even though I don’t understand why like everything you make is perfect you could make like idk a plain circle look beautiful okay and I’m tired so sorry I love you:P

jackievance: Your URL hurts me whenever I read it but don’t worry I forgive you because you’re trying to remember her. Your blog is wonderful and I could go on it all day and it’s really convenient to have all of ours linked to each other’s so I never have to type any URLs in because it’s too much effort even though you couldn’t do it by yourself and needed me to put the links in for you but it’s okay<333333

No but really having my phone not work is making me very uncomfortable



I’m bringing it to Apple tomorrow night so hopefully they can fix it but idk it’s not charging or turning on or resetting maybe it’s just a bad battery but still this means I can’t answer any of you or do anything until I get home and I don’t like it

dearestiel said:

Kristen what is this lizzie bennent diaries thing cause im watching it and im on episode 40 something and i love it but i dont get it like whats its based off of these cant be real people

Hahahhaha I love it too and it’s based off of Pride and Prejudice which if you haven’t read or watched yet you must because reasons