I can’t believe that tomorrow will be the one month anniversary since you’ve left me.. I carry you with me everywhere I go. I’ll always regret not being there for you when you needed someone to be. I miss you and love you so much. I’ll never be able to accept the fact that you’re gone. I just tell myself you’re on vacation somewhere. We made so many plans together.. There will never be a day I don’t think about you, or love you. Or miss you. You were my back bone, you always made me so happy.. I just wish I could talk to you one more time and tell you I still and always will love you. #ripjack #jackharrison #iloveyou #imissyou #somuch #onemonth #tomorrow

Yellow for remembrance.. Remember all the good laughs, the great memories, his personality. The smile that got everyone else to smile, every time he walked into a room.. Remember why you felt so close to him. Remember all the nights he’d stay up with you, just to see how you were doing.. How caring and down to earth he was. How loving.. I wish we never would have lost contact, and I wish I would have been a better friend lately. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.. I’m sorry. I’ll live and love on for you. I’ll try harder for you, I’ll never forget the things we talked about, the time we spent together.. I miss you. I’ll never forget you. Yellow, for remembrance. #jackharrison #restinparadise #iloveyou #alwaysandforever #imsorry #yellowforremembrance

This is some terrible news I just heard about.. It’s so unreal to lose people you never thought you would. You’ll never be forgotten, #jack you will forever live in everyone’s heart. It’s sad to think back about someone you used to be so close to, and eventually lost touch with. Rest in paradise, man. #jackharrison #restinparadise #nohashtagneeded