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Flame’s comment hurts Jack’s feelings which is new for Jack. “Thanks,” Jack says sarcastically as she frowns and bites her lip. “Do you have anything to say that isn’t insulting?”

Old Friends

Pitch walked in-between two homes, both of them containing a room with a sniveling and shaking child filled with fear. The night’s run had been a good one; several houses in this neighborhood alone had already been visited, and at least half the town was still ready for him. Although, he had his fill with the small neighborhood he had been visiting for the past two hours and was ready to move on. He glanced down the street, wondering whether to move on to the rest of the small town, or to try somewhere else completely and start anew. Having the whole town hit might bring too much attention, but then again, a whole neighborhood filled with young children was plenty enough. The other side of town however seemed promising, so Pitch decided to take a more fun route and command his sand to swirl underneath him, carrying him up into the air and aid him as he started to fly through the sky towards the unsuspecting dreamers, still trying to clear his mind and not wanting to go back to his underground home just yet.

Fire and Brimstone

"You know," Demon said as he appeared behind Flame, "I thought we could have been friends." He let smoke flow out of his hand and between his fingers. "But clearly, you don’t want me to do my job." He blew some cold air at the back of Flame’s neck. "I really don’t like it when people don’t let me do what I want." he said simply. 

jackflame said: I absolutely am. B) HOW do you not have any energy IT’S SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it’s SUMMER, i don’t deal with summer! this is the first time i’ve stuck around here durin’ it, now that I have some friieeeeeeeeeeeeee-coughs- some fries to look forward to like uh some really good fries at this one shop i know

FrostFire Trilogy: Separated

Pitch appeared through the shadow in his lair, still reminiscing about all the fun he had had turning the dreams of children into horrifying nightmares. The sight of them whining in their sleep was priceless. It was even more memorable when a few of them woke up and saw his bright, menacing, yellow eyes staring at them from their closet, or the dark corner in their room.

Pitch then remembered of his new partner that he had obtained merely one day ago. He looked over the side of the bridge, scanning his lair for any signs of Jack Flame. And there he was. Sitting on the floor a few feet from his globe. He fell through a shadow on his bridge and walked out of another one a few feet behind Flame and saw Flame burning designs into his floor, though he did not see exactly what he was drawing. ”Having fun, Jack?” Pitch asked the boy.


replied to your post“Yo gello jacket, I need to check out this place you got before Friday and make a grub run. You down?”

>B( It’s like ‘jello packet’ but…. nevermind whatever. Cool.

"I think you’re startin’ to lose on the nickname meter, hot shot."  The greaser, whose arms had now crossed over his chest, scoffed at the other. Most of the time he silently enjoyed and snickered at the names he received from the guy, but this one was actually pretty dumb. “Anyway, we should probably head on over to the place. Don’t want to keep your pretty little face waitin’ any longer, now do we?”

Anastasia leaned against a tree with a sigh, “Centuries ago, I was born in a village in Russia called Rossoh. My father raised me to be a blacksmith since he had no sons. I met Nicholas. Harbored a crush on him for years. Got him to finally notice me and got married.”

She looked up through the leaves of the tree, “We became thieves. Siberian Thief King and Queen. We were happy despite our occupation. One mission we caught scent of was the Fountain of Youth in Alaska. We got there only to be separated by an accident. He went on to find Santoff Claussen. I, however, with member Igor Rourke went on to find the Fountain of Youth….under the ground.”

Anastasia lifted a hand to trail it up her arm to her shoulder, able to imagine the tattoo underneath there.

"It belonged to a group of indigenous people. They used it on people who were to die early and too soon. Rourke saw this as an opportunity to get rich quick, to sell them into slavery as ‘slaves that wouldn’t expire’."

"I disagreed with him. We fought and took an accidental dip into the pool cementing our youth for eternity. I stayed behind for my injuries while Rourke escaped. I was given a tattoo for my bravery and ever since then, I’ve been trying to find Nicholas."

jackflame said: We’re just a couple of deadbeat losers that are too legit to quit.

What do losers even DO? Aren’t we supposed to do something to try and be cool but then….then it doesn’t work and we look more like losers or something right?