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Previous questions:

1) what’s the best moment of your life?
i hate questions like this cause i can think of a lot of milestones, concerts, etc that would probably fit this. but i’ll go with when i went on the New York trip 2012 and we had just got out of the plane and into the taxi and i was just sooo excited, it was my first big vacation with my bf and my first trip ever to the United States and i had always wanted to see New York and i was just so PUMPED that i was waving at everyone from the car (and most of them waved back lmao like this truck driver, some cops, and this guy who was guarding a bridge) and just remembering being so excited and pumped is awesome :) so i’ll go with that.

2) Who is your favourite author, and why?
my favourite MANGA author is Kiyohiko Azuma because i love Yotsuba&!. it’s a great story and i love how he contrasts detailed backgrounds with cartoony people. the stories are just so honest and it’s the most i’ve ever laughed when reading a manga. it’s appropriate for any age or interest group and i recommend it to literally anyone. (i also liked Azumanga Daioh and that Sailor Moon fan doujinshi so he’s actually my favourite).

my favourite novel author (since you may not have been thinking of manga) is probably Ann M. Martin only because i can reread the California Diaries books forever.

3) How old were you when you first shaved (legs/faces/pits/etc)?
ummm i think grade 8 or grade 9. at some point in there i decided i didn’t want hairy legs in gym class anymore :P

4) If you could create and pass a law, what would it be, and why?
some all-encompassing law that would guarantee equal rights for everyone, i guess. somehow. to make this world a less shitty place to live. other than that i’d add more protections for people who work with the public. but equal rights trumps that.

5) if you had to restart your life as an animal, which would it be?
probably some fun sea creature like a shark or a dolphin.

6) Do have a toy or stuffed animal you sleep with, or have had for a very long time!
i have too many stuffed animals :V the obvious answer to this question tho is i had this stuffed tiger i got at like McDonald’s when i was in like kindergarten but when i was in grade 4 i named him Hobbes after Calvin and Hobbes and i used to carry him everywhere. i would even take him to the public pool (with swim trunks made for a Ken doll) and to my grade 5 graduation i brought him in a tuxedo also gor a Ken doll and yeah.

7) What’s something that can automatically piss you off, no matter how happy you are?
people being jerks to workers (retail/fast food/restaraunt/call centre/etc)!!!! like seriously i had to ban myself from Notalwaysright.com cause while some of the stories are really funny it would make me too angry :@ and like if i see anyone being an asshole out in public i honestly just get sooooo fucking angry no seriously. i am gonna stop talking about it cause i am actually getting pissed. (there is one other thing that automatically pisses me off but i am not even gonna go there cause it’s THAT bad)

8) Which fandom of tumblr do you enjoy most/least?
Pokemon is pretty legit and doesn’t seem to get a lot of drama or stuff that pisses me off on tumblr. I don’t really get deeply into one tumblr fandom though. i mostly just reblog stuff i like :P

9) Do you think you could end a life to save the life of another (if it was necessary)?
this is too vague for me to answer properly, sorry :( it would be really situation dependent for me.

10) If you could rely on any vehicle to get around, which would it be, and why?
…the bus i guess.. i really have no desire to operate a motor vehicle so i really don’t care XD

11) What is the most important item of yours, in your home?
see this is a weird question for me cause daily i swing back and forth between “MUST HAVE ALL THE COLLECTIBLES” and “I HATE HAVING SO MANY MATERIAL GOODS WHO CARES”. maybe my scrapbook or photo album just cause you can’t replace things like that. :P

New questions!
1) Out of all the books/manga/graphic novels you’ve read, which one have you reread the most?
2) What is your favourite music album of all time?
3) If you could relive one ordinary day in any time period of your life (for example, middle school, a previous job, etc) which one would you choose?
4) If you could meet one creative person (actor, musician, artist, writer, etc), living or dead, who would you choose?
5) What’s that one collectible that’s your dream to get? (could be a hard-to-find book, album, toy, pretty much anything goes)
6) What’s something you could eat all the time and not get sick of?
7) What’s the last thing you bought? Could be anything from an eraser to a new car :P
8) If you could have any pet (ignoring allergies, expense, etc) what would you choose?
9) If you could go on holidays anywhere, ignoring price, where would you choose?
10) What is your favourite thing to wear?
11) What is your favourite board game?

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