Okay so this sounds stupid but I liked the storyline so here it goes. Hope you like it! girlinsky

You have always been insecure ever since you were a little girl and the other children would make fun of you because of your weight. You’ve always tried to lose weight and look great for you and your boyfriend Jack but you were so tired of trying so one day you gave up. You were in your room crying until you heard a knock at your door. It was Jack. He opened the door slowly and walked in to see what was going on. You quickly wiped your tears away. “Babe what’s going on?” He asked. “I can’t take it anymore Jack! I work so hard and get nothing out of it! I hate myself and so does everyone else! I don’t know what to do anymore!” You continued to cry burying your face in the palms your hands. He cradled you in his arms and then got an idea.

"Come with me." Jack took your hand and led you down a small trail towards a lake and sat you down next to him. "Isn’t it beautiful?" He asks then turns to you. "Yeah. It’s one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been to." You respond still wiping away some tears. Jack turned to you with a smile plastered onto his face "Still not as pretty as you darling." He told you as his warm hand brushed your face. You blushed and you felt a pair of lips meet yours. It started out small but slowly became more passionate. Jack started moving towards your neck. "God I love your beautiful face. I love your body, I love all of you." He said in between the long sloppy wet kisses he was engraving on you.

"Jack, I-" you were cut off when Jack had moved his hands up your shirt and unclasped your bra. His luscious lips moved back to yours as he ripped off your lacy, black, bra and then your shirt. You took jacks shirt off of him while he undid his belt, his pants and underwear following. His large hands reached down into your high waisted shorts and started massaging your clit. Up and down, up and down, the motions soon became faster. Pretty soon Jack slid your pants down, your matching lace panties following.

"You look so beautiful baby girl." He told you while his eyes grown big and adoring but at the same time lustful. He laid you down gently and lined his hard cock up with your entrance. He gently placed it in there and started moving back and forth at a slow pace. You loved it when he did this because you knew the more gentle he started out, the rougher it would be later. His hands rubbed up your core onto your perky breasts. He started to pick up the pace and you started moaning a little bit. You heard him moan louder each time he thrusted harder.

"Baby, cum for me. Come one baby girl, do it for me." Jack commanded you. "I-I oh god" you released and shortly after, he released. He laid by your side and caressed you into his loving arms. He delicately placed small kisses all over your body. "You are the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. You are my queen and I worship the very ground you walk on. If anyone ever says different, they wrong because they don’t see what I see. I love you so much sweetheart."

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Imagine Jack Gilinsky is your neighbor and he has been practicing Wild Life for the last couple of weeks in his room with his friend Jack Johnson. 


AU: Jack and you have a great fun relationship but he would do anything to anyone that tries to ruin it.