Now that I am done with putting the rest of my day challenges in Queue. Tis the day my family is due back as well as my Robbie coming over ^^ That means the company without my parents are over and Robbie and I HAVE to make plans of what we’re going to do for Alcon. Cause I am BURSTING with things that I wanna do!

This afternoon I’m due for a beauty pamper. And by that I mean having my toenails re-done. My hands all pampered with this Shellac thing (Please tell me what this means again??) and having my eyebrows doing…as much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I got the voucher for it the day after I was rejected from Build-a-Bear, so when my mum went for her tonnails doing she came back with a piggy card with the voucher in it and it says in the card: “We all love you x”

It was actually one of the most considerate things my mum has done for me. I kept saying to her the day before how much of a failure I am and that someone will always be picked over me and I felt I have let everyone down…when my family will still love me no matter what I do. Despite the fighting sometimes. 

It would have bee perfect if my mum brings a puppy or a micro pig home with a note that says “We all love you x” but that’s pushing it :P Although my cousin’s dog is due to have puppies this week. They’ll be Jackadoodles :D My cousin Charley (not the cousin with the pups of course) is betting that when I come up to see them I am going to try to smuggle one in my bag!!! Haha that is like me to be fair…though I would either try to bring my parents up or take a shit load of pictures and videos to convince them otherwise. :P

Christ I want a dog. ;w;