Now that I am done with putting the rest of my day challenges in Queue. Tis the day my family is due back as well as my Robbie coming over ^^ That means the company without my parents are over and Robbie and I HAVE to make plans of what we’re going to do for Alcon. Cause I am BURSTING with things that I wanna do!

This afternoon I’m due for a beauty pamper. And by that I mean having my toenails re-done. My hands all pampered with this Shellac thing (Please tell me what this means again??) and having my eyebrows doing…as much to my boyfriend’s dismay. I got the voucher for it the day after I was rejected from Build-a-Bear, so when my mum went for her tonnails doing she came back with a piggy card with the voucher in it and it says in the card: “We all love you x”

It was actually one of the most considerate things my mum has done for me. I kept saying to her the day before how much of a failure I am and that someone will always be picked over me and I felt I have let everyone down…when my family will still love me no matter what I do. Despite the fighting sometimes. 

It would have bee perfect if my mum brings a puppy or a micro pig home with a note that says “We all love you x” but that’s pushing it :P Although my cousin’s dog is due to have puppies this week. They’ll be Jackadoodles :D My cousin Charley (not the cousin with the pups of course) is betting that when I come up to see them I am going to try to smuggle one in my bag!!! Haha that is like me to be fair…though I would either try to bring my parents up or take a shit load of pictures and videos to convince them otherwise. :P

Christ I want a dog. ;w;


Ice cream! It was Aurora’s first ice cream with us and even though her appetite usually restricts her to grass and poop, she delighted in this newfound treat.

Jack, meanwhile, well acquainted with the delicacy, almost gave himself an aneurism waiting a whole 5 minutes for his ice cream.

Watch on jackadoodlesparrow.tumblr.com

Jackadoodle Sparrow’s home training for the Canine Good Citizen test. We’ve officially scheduled it for September 5th! We’ve still got some work to do, but I think we’re on the right path. :)

[/Poopy editing skills because I have no patience for Windows Live Movie Maker, but also not enough patience to use anything else.]